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October 17, 2001 - Popmatters.com's Tracy McLoone reviews the new season of Charmed and predicts, "Whether the addition of Paige to the story and Rose to the cast can resurrect the show from its fresh, whiny 'chick show' grave should be apparent in the next few weeks." Read more.

October 15, 2001 - US Weekly reports Alyssa Milano commenting, "The '80s were a bad time to grow up on TV. I was all big hair and pimples... I wore retainers, headgear. It's amazing that I'm still standing."

October 12, 2001 - Rose McGowan was on with Howard Stern Thursday morning where she admitted to seeing Alyssa Milano naked at a photo shoot. Howard asked if she had a nice body and Rose said yeah and she wasn't sure if her breasts were real. Howard tried to get her to admit to lesbian thoughts about Rose but she didn't feel that way about her.

October 4, 2001 - Alyssa Milano talked about the attacks co-star Shannen Doherty has made against her since being ousted from Charmed revealing, "It was always civil between us. That's what was so bizarre. It's just unfortunate that Shannen was so hurtful to so many people [on the show]."

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