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June 27, 2002 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports Alyssa Milano was spotted hopping into her black wheels, postworkout, outside the Sunset Strip's Crunch gym with her model boyfriend.

June 24, 2002 - August's "Autograph Collector" lists Alyssa Milano amongst it's 10 worst signers.

June 13, 2002 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports Alyssa Milano was spotted at the Standard Lounge chatting it up with David Spade. Ted wonders, "Could this charmed one be the next to fall into the funnyman's bewitching 'n' bewildering brew? Something tells me no, but then again, stranger things have been known to happen."

May 30, 2002 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports the Wayans Brothers, Alyssa Milano, Jay Mohr and Mario Lopez were spotted at the Palms' ghostbar on Friday.

May 23, 2002 - Alyssa Milano was on hand at the Playstation 2 Party at The Standard, in Downtown LA on Tuesday. Check out photos from WireImage.com here.

May 22, 2002 - IMDB.com reports Alyssa Milano was again spotted shopping with Josh Shambaugh look very happy with her new man. A witness reports, "Alyssa was absolutely glowing as she strolled trough the store. They shopped for men's clothing and came out carrying packages. They were all smiles and looked very much in love." 

May 11, 2002 - US Weekly quotes Rose McGowan talking about her Charmed co-star Alyssa Milano: "I do get jealous that Alyssa gets to fly around in the air. Come on! That kicks ass. I don't get to do that. That is upsetting."

May 8, 20002 - Star magazine has three photos of Alyssa Milano with her boyfriend Josh Shambaugh doing some car shopping at a Hollywood Jaguar dealership. Alyssa has a body hugging cropped tank top on - hot!

May 4, 2002 - Globe magazine reports Alyssa Milano has made herself popular on the set of 'Charmed' by buying cast and crew gourmet ice cream every Wednesday, which she has specially delivered to the studio.

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