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March 29, 2001 - Angelina Jolie commented on her reaction to the Lara Croft doll based on her likeness saying, "Seeing it is strange. The doll is the closest I have ever seen to me -- and that's scary. Seeing yourself in plastic is very bizarre. I can just imagine someone taking the head off, or sticking it upside down in the mud -- doing the things that I would do with a doll."

March 28, 2001 - The Enquirer unveils a picture of Angelina and Billy Bob that Ted Casablanca eluded to earlier. The two were photographed at a visit to an LA video store.

March 27, 2001 - During an online chat with E! Online's Ted Casablanca, he was asked "Last time we dished, you suspected things weren't going well at Chez Angelina et Billy Bob. Any more news?" Ted responded, "Contrary to that last bit of info, I've recently been told they were seen not long ago canoodling in a video store. And I doubt that was for show. So, who knows? There may be enough heat left."

March 27, 2001 - Angelina Jolie was featured on both Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight Monday as she came to the Oscar's dateless explaining that Billy Bob was in Louisiana filming. For a transcript of what Angie had to say, check our message board.

March 27, 2001 - MSNBC's Jeannette Walls on Angelina Jolie: "Alina Jolie, wearing a white Dolce and Gabana pantsuit, got flustered when asked about hubby Billy Bob Thornton‘s whereabouts. 'He’s in London,' she said. 'What am I saying? He’s never been in London. He’s in Louisiana.' She was very pleasant, though, and stopped and signed autographs for fans."

March 25, 2001 - Angelina Jolie presented the Best Supporting Actor to Benicio Del Toro in "Traffic."

March 25, 2001 - Ouch to Angelina in the #8 spot on Entertainment Weekly's Hot Sheet; "Say It Isn't So. Heather Graham can't marry the guy she wants because she thinks he's her brother. Based on the Angelina Jolie story."

March 21, 2001 - Time quotes Angelina Jolie on her thoughts about Billy Bob not being able to join her in Cambodia while filming Tomb Raider, "In some ways, it's a good job Billy's not here and I'm in a monk's costume. Otherwise we'd be out in those fields getting it on."

March 16, 2001 - Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob were spotted at a video store and also leaving Fred Segal with bags in hand in Los Angeles on Monday.

March 7, 2001 - The Enquirer reports Angelina and Billy Bob went on a wild spending spree for Thornton's two boys when they spotted a toy shop having a going out of business sale in LA.

March 6, 2001 - The Sun reports that after buying Slash's home, Angelina and Billy Bob are filling the home with life-size plastic horses, vibrating beds, and a room covered with Velcro. Angelina also talks about their padded playroom saying, "It will be for those moments in the night when you want to kill each other because you're so in love."

March 6, 2001 - Our Angelina page will be added to Yahoo! this week so we hope that the added traffic will spur more discussion on the message board. Don't be shy!

March 4, 2001 - The Mirror reports Angelina Jolie may join the Hollywood adopting craze of late, admitting "I appreciate it when two people find each other, but they don't have to give birth. To some, it may feel better if it is yours. But I don't feel that way."

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