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August 30, 2001 - Billy Bob Thornton's spokeswoman, Holly Gleason, told USA Today Tuesday she didn't know if Angelina Jolie planned to show up at any of his gigs saying, "If she doesn't have commitments," she probably will. She's a big fan of the music." Read more.

August 30, 2001 - The Daily Telegraph reports Billy Bob Thornton's anniversary gift from Angelina was his-and-hers cemetery plots in Alpine, Arkansas. As well, Billy admits, "I painted some pictures for Angie in my blood."

August 29, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports that while Angelina was in Geneva Billy Bob accidently set off the security alarm in their home causing the police to respond.

August 28, 2001 - The Star reports Billy Bob lost his pager that he'd been using to exchange x-rated messages with Angelina and when a good Samaritan found it he saw that kinky messages had been left on the screen and while he replied to a few messages, he admitted he'd found the pager and arranged to have it returned.

August 28, 2001 - Salon.com's Amy Reiter has listened to Billy Bob's new album and reveals it actually "doesn't suck." Reiter says 'Angelina' is actually kind of catchy. Read more.

August 28, 2001 - Angelina Jolie was in Geneva to accept her appointment as goodwill ambassador for the U.N. refugee agency where she revealed of her trip to Afghan refugees in Pakistan, "It's still very hard to talk about it. It is the worst situation, I think, because there is no end in sight for the needs of these people."

August 24, 2001 - NME reports Billy Bob Thornton is set to play two live concerts in London in September in support of his new album Private Radio. The dates will be September 24 and 25 at The Scalaon, and Angelina likely will join him.

August 23, 2001 - The Star reports that during the love scenes between Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas a 'prankster' started cheering loudly prompting a 'familiar sounding female' to yell, "Shut up, Billy Bob!" causing the entire audience to crack up.

August 22, 2001 - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees revealed Angelina Jolie will embark on a new mission as goodwill ambassador for the agency. Angelina will accept her role next Monday at a ceremony in Geneva.

August 22, 2001 - More details on Angelina and Billy Bob's kinky dungeon from the Enquirer who reports a friend reveals, "Angie says they get so carried away they have to be really careful not to seriously harm each other because things get so intense [during sex]."

August 21, 2001 - MSNBC's Jeannette Walls included a guide to the 20 rules of celebrity dating which included takes on Angelina Jolie. The article has since been removed.

August 21, 2001 - Angelina Jolie is scheduled to be on the Tonight Show Wednesday, August 29th where Kevin Nealon and musician Brian Setzer will be Jay's other guests.

August 21, 2001 - Mr. Showbiz reports Angelina is talking Tomb Raider 2 as she told the Scottish Daily Record,  "We will need a unique script to match the first Tomb Raider movie … if we can make it a hundred times better, if we can do a whole bunch of new things, think of a whole new sequence, then we will do it."

August 18, 2001 - Angelina Jolie tells Germany's Express Online, "my largest pride in our house in Beverly Hills is our torture chamber. " A friend of Jolie and Thornton reveals the chamber is equipped with noise insulation and with all the adult toys needed by the two. There reported are nurse outfits and 'Little Red Riding Hood' garb.

August 18, 2001 - The Daily Record reports Angelina Jolie was given weapons training by British police, though she didn't get special treament according to a  spokesman at the National Firearms Training School, who says the cops who trained her didn't recogize her.

August 17, 2001 - Megastar reports Angelina Jolie is set to star in Beyond Brother, which will be set in locations across Africa, Thailand and Europe, after Catherine Zeta-Jones and Meg Ryan dropped out.

August 15, 2001 - Peoplenews.com reports Mercury Nashville has backed out of distributing Billy Bob's new CD Private Radio. A source slammed the record saying, "He shouldn't quit the day job." Thorton's agent says Billy still plans on touring starting next month.

August 15, 2001 - A story somewhat conflicing with Peoplenews.com's item, as Launch.com reports Billy Bob Thornton's upcoming debut country album, Private Radio, will be in stores next month under the Lost Highway Records label.

August 12, 2001 - The E! Online fashion police talked about Angelina and Billy Bob's outfits at the premiere of Original Sin.

August 11, 2001 - Craig Kilborn joked about the Original Sin poster with Angelina and Antonio Banderas.

August 10, 2001 - IMDB reports Angelina Jolie is excited about working with husband Billy Bob Thornton - on the movie he's writing about life and love. Jolie revealed, "Honestly, I'd really like to work with my husband. I worked with him once before on a very playful kind of film, but we didn't have really a lot to do together. I loved his work before I met him, and now I know him. Creatively, I'd be amazed, and I'd love to watch him work. We have talked about doing something together, something he's going to write. A beautiful story about human beings and their flaws. It's a story, in essence, that says you don't have to be anybody in this world, and we both think it's just beautiful."

August 9, 2001 - The New York Post reports Angelina Jolie and Courtney Love are battling for the title role in Gus Van Sant's 'Sarah'. A source revealed, "It's really up to Gus to decide who gets it."

August 8, 2001 - CNN.com has the transcript of Angelina's conversation with Larry King that aired last Saturday. Angelina revealed when asked about rumors of a romance with Antonio Banderas, "I've never had like a one-night stand. I've never cheated on anybody. I've never -- you know, so I don't really understand that kind of behavior." Read more.

August 8, 2001 - A survey conducted by Celebrity Bodies indicated that Angelina Jolie had the body most envious by fans.

August 7, 2001 - Angelina Jolie tells the Toronto Sun's Louis Hobson her high regard for Original Sin filmmaker Michael Cristofer, "I've never been more free on screen than I am when I'm working with Michael because he's bold and understands sexuality better than any other filmmaker I can think of."

August 7, 2001 - Billy Bob Thornton tells Jane magazine he's strengthened his marriage bonds with Angelina admitting, "For our anniversary, I had a certificate drawn up that states I can never leave her for eternity. It has the seal of the great state of Louisiana on it. I signed it in my own blood with a paintbrush."

August 5, 2001 - Heidi Klum would like to have lips like Angelina Jolie as she admits to Mademoiselle where she appears on the cover of September’s issue, “Her lips are almost a little too big, but imagine, for a man kissing those lips it must be unbelievable, it must be like your whole face is sucked in by her mouth."

August 5, 2001 - The Miami Herald’s Connie Ogle on Angelina Jolie in Original Sin; "Jolie, an Academy Award winner for Girl, Interrupted, could survive the cartoon banality of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, but whether she survives the horror that is Original Sin remains to be seen." Ogle adds, "The only thing to do during its interminable length is marvel at how utterly bereft of talent Jolie seems to be and roll your eyes at the bad lines."

August 5, 2001 - Moira Macdonald trashed Original Sin saying Angelina was "delivering all her lines very, very slowly, as if they'd make more sense that way." McDonald asked "And why on Earth did this silly film get made?" Read more.

August 5, 2001 - Angelina Jolie was interviewed by Larry King on Tuesday for an interview that aired Friday.

August 5, 2001 - Angelina Jolie talked to ABC's Good Morning America about Original Sin saying, "I didn't want to do a sexy movie — that wasn't what I was out to do. I wanted to do a film about characters, and explore why different things come out in different ways in our life."

August 5, 2001 - Angelina and Billy Bob were together for the premiere of Original Sin Tuesday in Hollywood.

August 4, 2001 - Angelina Jolie tells the Scottish Sun that she would be "perfect" for a collaboration with Scots indie popsters Belle And Sebastian.

August 4, 2001 - Angelina kept a journal while she was visiting  Sierra Leone and Tanzania with the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). It's available online for reading at usaforunhcr.org.

August 2, 2001 - Angelina Jolie tells E! News Daily that she never wanted to be pregnant, but has always wanted to adopt, though she does say she's got a two-year gap between Tomb Raider films in case she gets pregnant.

August 2, 2001 - eZuma.com has a gigantic gallery from the premiere of Original Sin in Los Angeles where Angelina was this time joined by Billy Bob for the event.

August 2, 2001 - WireImage.com has a gigantic 308 picture gallery from the premiere of Original Sin. Check out the gallery here.

August 1, 2001 - The New York Post reports their story last week about the plan to prevent critics from seeing Original Sin has shamed MGM into scheduling a preview screening tomorrow.

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