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September 30, 2001 - Billy Bob Thornton commented on the terrorist attacks against the United States telling US Weekly on September 14, "Angie and I were only supposed to be [in Tokyo] for three days, but we've been here a week now. We're like caged lions. We really want to get out of here. When I get home, I am going to kiss my backyard. We're going to do so many things, family things."

September 29, 2001 - Howard Stern was on this morning talking about Angelina Jolie's $1 million donation to  the U.N. to go toward helping the Afghanistan refugees who have been fleeing their country. Howard thought that was a little odd.

September 28, 2001 - MSNBC reports Billy Bob Thornton's new album features a cut in which he sings about a man who wears Angelina Jolie's panties.

September 28, 2001 - Angelina Jolie was on with Larry King tonight to talk about her work with UNHCR, her thoughts on those suffering in Afghanistan, and what happened at the World Trade Center. Look for a transcript on CNN soon.

September 28, 2001 - Angelina Jolie has pledged $1 million to the UN refugee agency to help people fleeing from Afghanistan. UN High Commissioner Ruud Lubbens said: "This significant contribution from a concerned young American reinforces my belief that, despite the trauma of recent events in her country, a strong sense of humanitarian responsibility toward innocent civilian suffering in far-off places continues to animate the spirit of caring individuals everywhere."

September 27, 2001 - Peoplenews reports Billy Bob has filmed himself and Angelina Jolie for his new single Angelina. The video features the two kissing and cuddling as Thornton admits, "We just filmed each other around the house, but I only use it at the end of the video. Once you see my face singing the song and you see the sincerity and the love I feel when I'm singing it, we didn't want to cut it."

September 23, 2001 - Billy Bob Thornton is scheduled to be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, October 2.

September 21, 2001 - The Sun reports Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton have been filling out forms at the Immigration and Naturalization Service in LA this week in order to adopt a child. The pair need to be further tested to determine their suitability as parents.

September 21, 2001 - The Star is reporting Billy Bob Thornton has tried to convince Angelina that adoption of an abandoned Cambodian boy isn't a good idea. A pal told the tabloid, "He told Angelina: 'I think it's a mistake. We'll have children of our own later, don't worry about that." Angelina wants Billy Bob to open his heart and insists the boy needs a home and loving family.

September 16, 2001 - Billy Bob Thornton is featured in this week's US Weekly. When the pair are interviewed, Billy Bob had just returned from purchasing jewel encrusted dog collars for the two. Billy Bob also is quoted telling a visitor, "Remember how good we said the sex was when we got married? It's even better than you can imagine."

September 9, 2001 - Angelina Jolie was named in People magazine's 22nd annual "The Best & Worst Dressed 2001" issue as one of the Best Dressed Females calling her a gutsy risk taker in fashion.

September 8, 2001 - WENN has a photo, since removed, of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton leaving an adoption application center in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

September 5, 2001 - The Express reports Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton have been spotted shopping for infants' clothing in Los Angeles.

September 1, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie were nervous about their Original Sin love scenes as Antonio admits, "Angelina and I were having dinner the night before, and I asked her, 'Are you scared about tomorrow?' We both were."

September 1, 2001 - A spokesperson for Billy Bob Thornton revealed Friday that the actor has postponed his scheduled fall U.S. tour. It will tentatively be rescheduled for early 2002. Thornton blames the other commitments including promotional work for four films he's in that will be released this fall. The album is still set for a September 25th release.

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