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June 30, 2003 - The Scottish Daily Record reports Angelina Jolie had fans worried at Hollywood club Ivar when she appeared for a Saturday night dance bash with cuts and scratches all over her right arm. The star later revealed that she had been putting her Lara Croft training to good work. A faulty lock in her new home meant she'd spent an hour the previous night trying to escape the bathroom and was forced to smash the window to reach the outside world.

June 23, 2003 - Angelina Jolie was on Inside Politics on Friday to chat with Judy Woodruff about UNHCR. Check out a transcript here.

June 23, 2003 - Reuters reports Angelina Jolie, who will next be seen reprising her role as gun-toting adventure queen Lara Croft, may soon be portraying one of history's most famous monarchs. Jolie is in talks with the Walt Disney Co. to star as the 18th-century Russian empress Catherine the Great in the upcoming feature project "Love and Honor," a Disney spokeswoman said on Friday.

June 23, 2003 - Angelina Jolie is urging Congress to pass the Unaccompanied Alien Child Protection Act of 2003 to help refugee children in this country.

June 23, 2003 - Angelina Jolie and Kiefer Sutherland have sparked reports they're "more than just co-stars" - after being spotted enjoying a romantic meal together. The pair - who are currently filming new movie Taking Lives in Quebec, Canada - were seen acting intimately at trendy restaurant Cafe De La Paix. And the gorgeous Tomb Raider star was seen carrying a dozen red roses as the pair left the plush eaterie. An onlooker tells British newspaper the Daily Star, "They were staring into each other's eyes the whole night. Everyone was saying how they must be more than just co-stars."

June 23, 2003 - Rex Features has photos of Angelina Jolie appearing at a press conference for UNHCR on Thursday (June 19). Check out the pictures here.

June 18, 2003 - Angelina Jolie is featured in the all-new "Got Milk?" ad, in magazines nationwide July 1. Monday's ET gave a first look at the ad.

June 18, 2003 - The Sun reports Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage are now dating. Pals say Nic is smitten with busty Angelina. The pair have been on a string of dates after they met up again in London during this year's BAFTAs. Read more.

June 16, 2003 - The Toronto Star reports Kiefer Sutherland and Angelina Jolie, who are shooting 'Taking Lives' in Quebec City, had dinner at Café de la Paix, an intimate restaurant near the Chateau Frontenac, on Friday night. Jolie left the restaurant armed with roses.

June 12, 2003 - Now magazine reports Angelina Jolie is now dating Nicolas Cage. The couple hit top London restaurant The Savoy Grill for a friendly lunch. Now one pal, close to both stars, admits, "In the beginning, it was supposed to be just friends, but that didn't last long. They had a great time. They talked about how they were both looking for love, but it didn't dawn on them until later that they'd make a perfect pair. After lunch, they said their goodbyes and went on their way." In a curious twist of fate both stars ended up at a the same dinner party later that night and sparks flew. The pal continues, "Nic was in a dinner suit, Angie was in a stunning red dress and they both looked incredible. By the end of the party, they were in each other's arms. Neither of them anticipated it - it just happened."

June 12, 2003 - The New York Post reports Angelina Jolie claimed her director's extra curricular busyness is distracting him from "Tomb Raider 2."

June 12, 2003 - Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is continuing to make a public effort to hook up with Angelina Jolie. He told Access Hollywood at the launch party for Spike TV, "I'm absolutely in awe of her. There's something about her that tells me, 'That girl's my vibe,' you know. It's just one of those feelings, you know what I mean?" Durst even come up with a TV show for his new leading lady. "It would pretty much be a show of me courting Angelina Jolie everyday," revealed Durst. "It would be an ongoing thing with me courting her and finally ending up with a proposal and with marriage, kids, movies and collaborations. The show would be Fred and Ang or Fred and Angelina."

June 11, 2003 - The new issue of Star magazine features pictures of Angelina Jolie carrying son Maddox in Montreal after he had fun on a park slide. The two year old then began "wailing for all he's worth," and struggled to escape from mom's arms, said an onlooker. "He began slapping her in the face and pulling her hair. It was obvious he didn't want to leave. You couldn't help but notice how well Angelina dealth with it, soothing the poor little fella with gentle kisses. She was pretty determined, and in the end, he settled down just fine."

June 9, 2003 - The Toronto Star reports Angelina Jolie dined Mexican with her Taking Lives co-star Ethan Hawke in Montreal last week.

June 9, 2003 - Us Weekly reports Angelia Jolie was spotted checking out a performance of the Cirque du Soleil show with her son Maddox and brother James Haven at the Jacques-Cartier Pier in Montreal.

June 6, 2003 - Billy Bob Thornton commemorated his split from Angelina Jolie by burning the vials of blood they exchanged when they got hitched, according to the British tab the Daily Record.

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