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December 25, 2003 - Jessica Simpson spoke with Us Weekly on her work with Operation Smile as their international youth ambassador. The organization sends surgeons to do reconstructive surgery for facially deformed children thoughout the world. "I was just so blessed to have a happy smile and an incredible home life, and in some way I feel compelled to help others who only have a millimeter of what I have," Simpson explained. 
The singer pointed towards actress Angelina Jolie as an inspiration to becoming involved. "Angelina Jolie is so inspirational," Jessica said. "She strips herself of stardom and gives her time, her heart and love to people who don't even know who she is."

December 22, 2003 - Seattle Post Intelligencer reprots federal agents have dismantled a Seattle adoption agency, which was used by Angelina Jolie when she adopted Maddox, accused of brokering the adoption of Cambodian children who were not orphans -- in some cases with a payment of $100 to the birth mother. Read more.

December 18, 2003 - The Sun reports Colin Farrell lashed out at a photographer after taking Angelina Jolie back to his hotel. The actor whisked the Tomb Raider beauty back to Londonís Langham Hotel on Friday, where he shocked onlookers by snogging her in the lobby. "He was screaming all sorts of obscenities," a hotel worker remarked. "He went at the photographer and tried to take his camera, spitting swear words into the blokeís face. There was a real struggle. Then he suddenly stopped, laughed and walked away." Read more.

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