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March 30, 2000 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca is chirping in on the brother and sister act saying "That's not Hollywood-- that's creepy." He also reports that Winona Ryder Angelina Jolie flowers before Angelina won the Oscar, and he adds "Winona clearly decided to get over being pissed. I'm impressed."

March 29, 2000 - Access Hollywood again hyped an appearance by an actress in the news (ie. like Jennifer Lopez) but again failed in its softball interview skills. The Pat'sy' O'Brien clone they sent to Mexico on location to get to the bottom of this controversy never even asked the 'incest' question... Angelina says in the interview that Jamie "has always supported me and he wanted to make me happy" and says her movie career "wouldn't mean very much if I didn't have him."

March 29, 2000 - Angelina Jolie's publicist when asked by the New York Daily News today regarding whether her and James have an incestuous relationship said "no comment".

March 28, 2000 - Liz Smith said in pagesix.com's column that Angelina Jolie "loves her fans, and is apt to wander up to them if left unchecked." She was in attendance at the Vanity Fair post Oscar bash.

March 28, 2000 - The New York Daily News interviewed Angelina's father Jon Voight following the Oscars where he was quoted as saying about her daughter's win, "I was never sure until we saw her up there. She was a little baby when I won mine. I have to say I was misting up."

March 27, 2000 - Perhaps the biggest talk of the Oscars is the continuing speculation that AJ and brother James are more than close brother and sister, rather incestuous instead! In fact, the New York Post ran a not so blind item saying it is the case but quickly pulled it from later issues because the person sounded obvious to the reader. This also was the talk on Politcially Correct last night as well as gossip radio eYada.com today. If you look at picture 2 below, you'll notice a hand snug on Angelina's hip, which belongs to James.

March 27, 2000 - This morning Hal Rubenstein also dissed Angelina dress on Good Morning, America, calling her the Princess of Darkness.

March 26, 2000 - Angelina walks away with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Girl, Interrupted. As expected, she arrived with her brother, what was most surprising was her acceptance speech in which she said of her dad "You're a great actor, but even a greater father", which makes us wonder if they two have hashed out their differences? And regarding her outfit, well, Mr. Blackwell commented "An indescribable reject from 'The Addams Family.' Sack the black from head to toe. She looks like she's training to be a mortician." This was especially sad as he had loved her style up until tonight, as we've reported earlier.

March 26, 2000 - A damn sexy 8x10 autographed picture of Angelina is up for bids on eBay. The auction, which ends April 4, currently has a bid of $20.

March 25, 2000 - As expected, the Wall Street Journal Friday released its polling results of a portion of the Oscar voters and AJ was voted as Best Supporting Actress in Girl, Interrupted.

March 23, 2000 - eOnline's Ted Casablanca is reporting that AJ and Winona Ryder didn't get along during Girl, Interrupted. He also is reporting that her brother James Voight will be her date for the Oscars, who Ted says "she takes everywhere with her like a puppy dog".

March 21, 2000 - It seems everybody loves Angelina right now, even controversial fashion guru Mr. Blackwell, who told eYada.com's Rush and Malloy today, "I love her, I think she is wonderful". Mr. B, we agree

March 20, 2000 - The Star Magazine has the most direct information yet as related to Angelina's icy relationship with her father, where she is quoted as saying "I've made a choice not to talk about my father, Jon Voight. He and my mother separated when I was two. I did not grow up in a house with my father. Recently a reporter quizzed me on him. I said, 'Answer this, how's your relationship with your father? Do you feel like he loved you?'"

March 20, 2000 - Popcorn.co.uk had a chance to speak with Angelina about her getting the Lara Croft roll in Tomb Raider. She says "I hope England will allow me to do it because I know she's one of your girls." According to Popcorn, her choice was enthusiastically received by the male population in the UK.

March 20, 2000 - The National Examiner had a juicy blind item that sounds remarkably like Angelina... STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL PSST! Eye can't name names now, but can you guess which top movie actress shocked everyone at a recent Hollywood bash when she let her hair down, got drunk as a skunk and put major moves on a man she shared an elevator with? What made the incident even more mind-boggling was that the star is known to prefer gals over guys. Now why can't I be in an elevator in times like this?!?

March 13, 2000 - Some more photos of Angelina, this time with Dancing in the Dark co-star Antonio Banderas. No sign of the overly protective Melanie... Maybe she took Angelina up on her offer (see story below).

March 13, 2000 - Angelina Jolie racks up another award for her role in Girl, Interrupted with the Screen Actors Guild award for supporting female actor in a

March 3, 2000 - Angelina Jolie is apparently going to play the role of Lara Croft in an on-screen adaptation of the Tomb Raider hit video game. Filming is set to begin in the summer.

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