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Again Angelina Jolie wasmocked by SNL, this time Billy Bob (played by Jimmy Fallon) joined in.An angry walked in on Angelina and Billy Bob as they told Colin Quinn they'djust gotten married. James was drunk and holding a bottle trying to 
win back Angelina saying remember the good times? They recollected times whenthey inappropriately touched each other and then Angelina said "rememberthe time we had sex?" James accused Angelina on turning her back on theirdaughter. Then the daughter, played by Rachel Dratch, came out with herarm sticking out of her head and spewing chunks. Billy Bob then said "thisis getting weird". Angelina told her brother that they're over and thather publicist says I have to grow or I'm making changes. At the end theygave each other a good luck kiss... her, Kappultichick, and James goingat it.