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tonightshow highlights

AngelinaJolie did what Halle Barry only wishes she could've done on The TonightShow last night. She came out ready to kick ass, wearing a white tank top, some tan pants and she absolutely grilled him about his incest jokes abouther. She came out with transcripts of his monologue jokes and had him re-readthem. He was 
squirming saying that since everyone was talking about ithe did, she responded saying "it's great of you to jump in with everyoneelse!" He said he doesn't joke about drug problems but dating and maritalissues are ok, then she said "and incest is ok too?" She said there's alot of other stuff about her he could joke about "because I'm insane!"Angelina told Jay that Billy Bob was pissed off at him too. She says BillyBob and her were good friends and then started dating later, saying thetwo were made for each other, which Leno agreed. Angelina said she's alwaysadmired Billy Bob's work and that he made her feel 'normal'. She initiallywas concerned that she wasn't good enough for Billy Bob. 

Angelina seemed ok with Jayin the end as she stayed for the whole show, but she made it clear thatshe wasn't happy with him and that there's nothing to the incest rumors.Obviously, Jay could've shown the pictures of her and her brother makingout and said "what are we supposed to think?"