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April 29, 2001 - Anna Kournikova has delayed her comeback from injury by pulling out of forthcoming tournaments in Germany.

April 22, 2001 - Anna Kournikova has lost the #1 Russian tennis player position to Elena Dementieva but she's not satisfied there admitting, "Being Russia's number one changes little for me because my goal is to become number one in the world."

April 18, 2001 - Anna Kournikova was caught on film sunbathing topless by a passer by in Miami who gave copies of the photos to News of the World and admitted, "Anna looked sensational, There are lots of beautiful girls out here but she really is in the top bracket."

April 14, 2001 - Peoplenews.com reports Anna Kournikova will be soon releasing her first home fitness video.

April 8, 2001 - Anna Kournikova has withdrawn from the Bausch & Lomb Championships scheduled for April 9-15, still recovering from a stress fracture in her foot.

April 8, 2001 - The International Tennis Federation launched a new campaign on Tuesday to keep junior tennis players drugs-free with the help of Anna Kournikova who explained, "This is an important campaign. There are many pressures to win when you start out on the junior circuit. The dangers of taking drugs may not be known to young people and I hope that the ITF campaign will help change that. Drugs do not have a place in sports."

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