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January 26, 2002 - Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis won their second grand slam doubles title Friday with a 6-2 6-7 6-1 victory over Daniela Hantuchova and Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario at The Australian Open. Anna said afterwards, "I'd like to thank our team -- our mothers and my father -- for all their support and being tough with us, thank you,'' Kournikova said afterwards. Also thanks to the fans for coming and watching us...this is only our third grand slam together and we've won two so it is great."

January 26, 2002 - Enrique Iglesias spoke with The Sun where he addressed the talk that he'd refused to kiss Anna Kournikova on his new video for Escape saying, "I heard rumours that I wouldn’t kiss her because she had a cold sore but that’s not true. I’d be an ass not to kiss Anna Kournikova. She’s cool, really nice. She’s the kind of girl who is crazy but in a cool way. I think I’ll play Wimbledon this year!" Check out photos of the pair more.

January 25, 2002 - Access Hollywood previewed the MTV Making the Video featuring Enrique Iglesias and love interest in the spot, Anna Kournikova. Describing 'Escape', Enrique said, "There's going to be acting that's different, one on a motorcycle, the other one, we're going to the movies, you know, another one is sex in the car. Sex in the car, got to be sex in the car though, and the other one is sex in the bathtub. Got to be sex in the bathtub, you know." Read more.

January 21, 2002 - In an abstracts.net poll asking 'Do you think Anna even wants to return to the tennis circuit and is truly injured?', 71.1% said she did while 28.9% said she didn't with 235 total votes cast.

January 20, 2002 - Anna Kournikova will return to the Family Circle Cup after missing last year's event with a broken foot. 

January 20, 2002 - Anna and Martina Hingis are still alive in the doubles tourney at the Australian Open, last playing and beating Bulgaria's Magdalena Maleeva and Asa Svensson of Sweden 6-3, 6-1.

January 20, 2002 - Sixth-seeded Justine Henin beat Anna Kournikova for the third consecutive time Tuesday, advancing to the second round with a 6-2, 7-5 victory. Anna said afterwards, "I wasn't playing well in general. I started to play better in the second set, but she lifted her game and I didn't play well on the important points."

January 20, 2002 - US Weekly features Anna Kournikova in their Worlds Sexiest Athletes feature this week and quote her saying, "I'm the perfect age. I can be a little girl, or I can be grown-up. I can be whichever I want."

January 19, 2002 - The US Weekly report on ABCNews.com features Anna Kournikova talking about what it's like to be a top athlete and a sex symbol.

January 19, 2002 - In a blind item so-not-blind it's not even worth calling it one, the New York Post asks, "Which Casanova crooner - known for bedding the boldfaced beauties who appear in his videos - has been bragging to his entourage about bagging an athletic sexpot who will be featured in an upcoming production." Yeah, but isn't Anna a virgin and/or is supposedly married to hockey star Sergei Federov? Stay tuned..

January 13, 2002 - The bookmakers in Australia are fairly confident Anna Kournikova will not win her first singles title when she starts her Australian Open campaign, making her a 101/1 long shot. Venus is the 2/1 favorite.

January 13, 2002 - Serena Williams defeated Anna Kournikova 6-2, 4-6, 6-3 at  the Sydney International tennis tournament at Sydney's Homebush Bay on January 8.

January 8, 2002 - Enrique Iglesias' official site says MTV's Making the Video will feature Enrique and Escape this month, with the premier on January 26th at 10 pm. Zits or not, the appearance by Anna Kournikova no doubt ensured Enrique getting this coveted promotional slot.

January 7, 2002 - German television station Bl!tz has a short clip featuring still photos of Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias on the set of his new video 'Escape', again showing the pair not appearing to show any tension. Sat1.de has since removed the video.

January 6, 2002 - The New York Post reports Enrique Iglesias was furious at tennis star Anna Kournikova when she turned up late to a interior shooting for his new video 'Escape'. A source revealed, "His attitude was that she was ruining his video and she was lucky to be in it at all." As for the final kissing scene, the zit confrontation made the kiss less than "the hot embrace they were hoping for."

January 6, 2002 - Hello! magazine has a couple of photos from Enrique Iglesias' latest video shoot for 'Escape' where he's shown exchanging a smile with tennis star Anna Kournikova after completing the shoot for his new video where the two kiss. The article makes no mention of any friction between the two. Check out the story and photos here.

January 6, 2002 - Anna Kournikova was crushed in the semifinals of the Auckland Classic, losing 6-1, 6-4 to Israel's Anna Smashnova Friday. Anna K said afterwards, "I didn't really play my game. She was playing her game and I tried to match her with it. We both kept the ball in play too long, which is how she wanted it. I wanted to get to the net as often as possible and when I did I started playing winning shots."

January 4, 2002 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution pop culture critic Phil Kloer's '2001 Cheez Doodles Awards - Least Heard Phrases of 2001' included, "I've looked all over the Internet and I can't find any pictures of Anna Kournikova."

January 1, 2002 - The Herald Sun reports Enrique Iglesias was shooting a makeout scene for his latest video 'Escape' at Hollywood's Universal City Walk shopping mall where the singer refused to plant his lips on Anna Kournikova, complaining that there were too many zits around her mouth. Insiders say Anna dissolved into tears after being told her pimples turned Enrique off.

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