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February 27, 2002 - Scott Dorfman of The Stanford Daily spoke with Craig Kilborn for his thoughts on whether working with Anna Kournikova is as difficult as many say. Kilborn replied,"I worked with her once. She wasn't difficult at all on the set of our show, but chances are that she is."

February 27, 2002 - The Sun has a photo of Enrique Iglesias dining out with girlfriend Anna Kournikova in a sushi bar in Miami. After eating, the couple headed to Enrique's boat where the couple spent the weekend together.

February 24, 2002 - Venus Williams swept into the quarterfinals of the $585,000 WTA Dubai Open on Wednesday with a 6-2, 7-6 (7-3) defeat of Anna Kournikova. Anna explained afterwards, "I am happy with my game, and I am just getting there. Give me some more time to get my top rankings back. I need to play more tournaments."

February 22, 2002 - The New York Daily news reports that despite talk linking him to Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias asked Sports Illustrated cover model Yamilla Diaz to his dressing room during the taping of their MTV 'Fashionably Loud' special broadcast later tonight. No word on whether she accepted.

February 21, 2002 - Star magazine reports Anna Kournikova was caught picking her nose while primping herself in front of a mirrored office window where a dozen men in suits looked on. Anna was there filming a commercial for Adidas. A shocked onlooker said, "She looked so good, until that action started."

February 16, 2002 - The New York Post added more credence to reports that Anna Kournikova has dumped Sergei Fedorov in favor of her 'Escape' video co-star, Enrique Iglesias. The paper said the pair "were spotted canoodling their way down Fifth Avenue the other day, shopping at several stores along the way."

February 15, 2002 - The Sun reports Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are reportedly hot and heavy after Anna broke up with her hockey star boyfriend Sergei Federov last month. The couple recently dined at posh Barney's restaurant in New York. An onlooker told the the Sun, "They were real cosy in the back corner and then left together. Once outside they window-shopped for an hour or so on Fifth Avenue with their arms around one another's waists. They were kissing on the street as they walked to a car that was waiting for them." Read more.

February 15, 2002 - The Sun has an overhead photo of the $4+ million mansion that Enrique Iglesias is building nearby his 'Escape' video co-star Anna Kournikova. The waterfront pad is on Sunset Island, Miami Beach, Florida. Check out the photo here.

February 11, 2002 - Enrique Iglesias talked with News of the World about working with Anna Kournikova and his sex life, but downplayed rumors that both of those subjects recently crossed. Enrique said, "There was this chemistry between us, I was attracted to her and would love to go out with her, of course, but she is taken." Meanwhile, he admitted of his own love life, "It is hard to find someone who really loves you.It is so tough. You see more of sex than love. At 25 (Enrique is actually 26), I get enough sex, but I do want to be loved. I have been in love but I used to fall in love a lot easier when I was younger."

February 11, 2002 - Defending champion Amelie Mauresmo overpowered an inconsistent Anna Kournikova 6-3 7-5 in the second round of the Paris Open indoor tournament on Wednesday. Anna explained her inconsistent effort saying, "When I just came back at the end of last year I couldn't understand at all what I was supposed to do on the court... Now I'm starting to get better, I'm playing at least half of the match good so it's coming and going."

February 8, 2002 - Hello! reports Anna Kournikova has been kicked out of Moscow's Sport University after Anna had apparently not attended a single lecture or seminar during the two years she has been enrolled. Apparently while Anna was getting decent grades despite not attending, it was because her father Sergei had been doing all of the work. Read more.

February 6, 2002 - The Lycos 50 reports Anna Kournikova took a big jump on their top 50 search list with her doubles win in Australia and their Lycos Anna K. calendar shoot contest.

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