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October 24, 2003 - Anna Kournikova was on hand for the GQ Men of the Year Awards on Spike TV on Tuesday (October 21) at The Regent Wall Street in New York City. Check out pictures here.

October 22, 2003 - Conan O'Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, "Anna Kournikova says that she might retire from tennis to focus on being an actress. When asked why she wants to do this she said, 'I believe that when I put my mind to it I can suck at anything'."

October 16, 2003 - Craig Kilborn joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Tuesday night, "Anna Kournikova says that she may retire from the sport of tennis. This is bad news to the player who was rated second to last in the world."

October 14, 2003 - The Evening Standard reports Anna Kournikova, hosting the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo last night, revealed why she intends turning her back on tennis. "Acting and presenting are definitely things I enjoy doing - I'd love to appear in something like 'Sex And The City' or 'Friends'," she said. "I get offered lots of those sort of jobs but I've never had time to pursue them because of my tennis." Read more.

October 14, 2003 - Anna Kournikova was in attendance at the Monte Carlo Sports Club on Saturday (October 11). She was in town to host the World Music Awards.

October 14, 2003 - Anna Kournikova was on hand at The 15th Annual World Music Awards at Monte-Carlo Sporting Club in Monaco on Sunday (October 12). Check out pictures here.

October 14, 2003 - The Mirror reports that when Enrique Iglesias' younger brother Julio Jr. accompanied Anna Kournikova to a party on board Philip Green's yacht, they sipped champagne the subject turned to sex. Julio joked that Enrique only had the stamina to last one minute in the sack, but Anna fired back: "He is certainly NOT a one-minute man. He has plenty of stamina. I've no complaints about his performance."

October 13, 2003 - Anna Kournikova begged Miami Airport to let her fly to Monaco despite not having her passport. Her excuse? She had to present an award at a pop bash Sunday night.

October 10, 2003 - Anna Kournikova was caught on camera in Beverly Hills, looking slightly anxious as she checked out a house, wearing a red crop-top and blue jeans -- and perhaps smoking.

October 8, 2003 - The Las Vegas Sun reports that before heading over to the Andre Agassi benefit Saturday night, Anna Kournikova had dinner at Nobu (Hard Rock) with boyfriend Enrique Iglesias.

October 6, 2003 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Mandy Moore was on hand along with boyfriend Andy Roddick and Anna Kournikova at Andre Agassi's Grand Slam for Children, one of Vegas' largest all-star galas.

October 5, 2003 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that the morning shift at Henderson Multigenerational Center is still buzzing over what they swear was a sighting of tennis "it" girl Anna Kournikova during Tuesday and Wednesday early-morning workouts.

October 5, 2003 - Mia Myers has told News of the World how she was seduced by Enrique Iglesias, when the singer cheated on girlfriend Anna Kournikova in his London hotel room. "He seduced me very slowly and sexily as we watched MTV," sighed Mia, 25. "It would have spoiled the moment if we had moved to the bed, so we made love on the carpet. He undressed me as we kissed on the floor. First he took off my top, then my bra. He was a fantastic kisser." After Enrique stripped himself, she recalled, "I just looked at him and thought, ‘You're flawless'. He has a fantastic face and a great body. And he just knows how to make a woman feel good."

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