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August 31, 2000 - A Howard Stern mention of Kourni.com today caused so much traffic to come to the site that it's web hosts (splitinfinity.com) decided to shut it down. We're guessing the revealing photos Howard mention included those below of Anna.

August 31, 2000 - Anna wins again! Kournikova beat beat Sandra Kleinova (Czech Republic) 6-4 6-1.

August 30, 2000 - Anna knocked off her first round US Open opponent Holly Parkinson 6-2, 6-3 today and said afterward "``It's sometimes difficult because it's a first match of the tournament. New conditions, new court, new everything. You haven't played for a week. You're not into the tournament." adding "I think I played pretty well.''

August 28, 2000 - For those that haven't checked our message boards, a reader found a picture of Lina (see below), check her out here.

August 27, 2000 - The Post is running a story about the "Queens of the US Open" most notably Anna, whom they describe "Take the mind-boggling popularity of 19-year-old Russian bombshell Anna Kournikova, who can't seem to win a singles title to save her life. It's certainly not her ailing technique the crowds are drooling over. Regardless, the papers report how many times she's broken it off with hockey-star boyfriend Sergei Federov more often than her sagging stats." They also say there's another Russian beauty on the tennis horizon saying "16-year-old, blond and beautiful Lina Kransnoroutskaya. She's ample reason why the next movie version of "Lolita" should be set in Flushing Meadows." [we can't find any pictures of Lina, but if anyone does, please post a link on the Anna message board]

August 26, 2000 - We've added message boards to abstracts.net! It's still somewhat under construction but feel free to sign up and post here. Starting next month we'll have a $25 gift certificate at Amazon.com for post of the month!

August 26, 2000 - Anna was placed as the 12th seed in this year's US Open, we wish her best of luck!

August 23, 2000 - Check out what we believe are incredible pictures of Anna and it shows you what the main intention is with European photographers while shooting Anna.

August 19, 2000 - Serena Williams Thursday easily advanced to the quarterfinals of the Canadian Open in Montreal, defeating Anna Kournikova in straight sets 6-3, 6-2. Again though Anna has been winning more often, as she told ESPN "My game has matured. I'm playing a bit smarter, not trying crazy shots like I used to. I wasn't thinking, 'Oh God, I'm going to lose the set, I'm going to lose the match."

August 12, 2000 - Some fantastic pictures were taken of Anna from her press conference on her bra, as Anna is flanked by a large billboard showing off the "Only the balls should bounce" ad campaign.

August 12, 2000 - We failed to mention that Anna has decided now not to compete in the Olympics for her native Russia. Alexei Selivanenko, vice president of the Russian Tennis Federation said of the pullout, "Let us say this - the interests of the Olympic Games and the interests of the tennis player differ. Her career considerations come first here."

August 12, 2000 - Anna is featured in an autographed picture auction on eBay. The photo (item #400477317) is 8x10 and unbid at $24.99. The auctio ends August 14th.

August 4, 2000 - Anna lost tonight in straight sets to Monica Seles, though she did bring the second set to a tiebreaker. Again, Anna was plagued by unforced errors but her game has improved the last two tournaments.

August 4, 2000 - Anna beat Nathalie Tauziat and responded to her harsh comments that were in her book, saying "When I beat her it's really good, now it's even better because I had never beaten Tauziat before, so it's a great feeling. She has made some strange remarks about me, so it's even better. I'm just happy." Tauziat commented later "I like Anna. She's pretty nice on the Tour." adding "I just said the truth, what I think, what I saw on the tour. They like, they don't like, that is their problem." The whole thing still didn't sit well with Anna, who complained, "has the right for their opinion but not so outspoken."

August 1, 2000 - Though she's already been reported to have made similar comments, Anna is at it again in Sky Magazine, saying "I'm just like a menu for my male fans ... they look but they can't afford me."

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