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July 29, 2000 - Anna Kournikova lost in the semifinals of the Palo Alto Classic Saturday to Venus Williams, 6-4, 7-5. Anna said afterwards "I'm really happy with the way I played this week, it was probably my best tennis of the year," though she said of the match "I played pretty well but she didn't give me any rhythm."

July 29, 2000 - Mamma.com said Anna Kournikova was their 7th most popular search name in the month of July, with 14139 searches, many coming from this site.

July 22, 2000 - Anna Kournikova was interviewed before her match with Amanda Coetzer in the A&P Classic semifinals, which unfortunately she lost, by a 6th grader named Danny. Danny asked Anna who braids her hair and she said that she does it herself, and it takes mere seconds to do. Anna also said that after matches she's tired so she usually watches TV or checks out a movie.

July 22, 2000 - Anna Kournikova is on the cover of August's GQ magazine, which focuses on Olympic athletes.

July 22, 2000 - Lycos has started a new Anna Kournikova webpage where she will answer users questions at annak.lycos.com, she said of her page "It's very flattering to know I have so many fans out there who are interested in what I am doing. I'm looking forward to chatting with my fans on Lycos."

July 19, 2000 - Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis are mentioned in this month's Maxim for a special feature about sports rivalries. Hingis says of Anna "I don't think it's really a big rivalry. I've always been better, and I beat her at the great tournaments." Anna responded by saying "You may be number one, but I'm more marketable than you."

July 17, 2000 - One more picture of Anna from the Buckingham Palace gig, this time they appeared in the Enquirer.

July 17, 2000 - The Daily Mail reports BBC Breakfast News received a letter from a man claiming he was part of Combat 18, a far right fascist group who have previously issued death threats against sports stars, and this time Anna was the target because of the comments Anna made about Liz being ugly at a recent Buckingham Palace event. Anna has been notified of the threat by British detectives as the threat is being treated as genuine.

July 17, 2000 - Dees Sleaze reports that Liz Hurley responded to Anna's ugly comments by saying "well thanks alot! Who's the model and who's the little fat teenager?" [ouch, getting awfully catty in here!]

July 17, 2000 - The National Examiner reports that Anna Kournikova recently confided to a Russian jounalist about Liz Hurley saying "she's so ugly!" No word on whether the journallist offerred Anna his glasses!

July 8, 2000 - Anna Kournikova's doubles partner Natasha Zvereva was fined $1,000 Saturday for flipping off the UK crowd after they lost to Venus and Serena Williams in the semifinals.

July 8, 2000 - Anna is pictured with boyfriend Sergei Federov watching matches at Buckingham Palace, where the lovely and now single Liz Hurley sucking her finger, graduating from the baby bottle after trying to kick her smoking habit.

July 8, 2000 - An interesting discussion on usenet where people are asking "Is Anna the most masturbated over girl in the history of sport?" [does Sable count?]

July 7, 2000 - A series of pictures of Anna riding on what again the Star calls her fiance Sergei Federov on a street in Eastbourne, England before Wimbledon. [now wouldn't you want Anna 'riding' you?]

July 4, 2000 - The New York Daily News reports that Anna Kournikova stole the spotlight from Liz Hurley as the two were both at a Buckingham Palace party on Saturday. Anna arrived with Sergei Federov, who the paper calls 'her fiance'.

July 4, 2000 - A streaker interrupted Anna's doubles match with with Natasha Zvereva against the American pair Amy Frazier and Kate Schlukebir. The man had "Only the balls should bounce" on his chest as he streaked across the court naked. Anna told reporters she didn't notice him.

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