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June 29, 2000 - Another disappointment for Anna, who was stunned in a second round loss to France's Anne-Gaelle Sidot 6-3, 6-4. She later told reporters "You could say she played just too good. I tried to do my best. I tried to get out of that situation that I was in, tried to get into the match. She played good until the end."

June 25, 2000 - Boris Becker commenting on the state of tennis: "Tennis is in a big hole," adding. "It's got a really big problem right now. There are not as many characters anymore. It is going through a dry spell and it is not as attractive as it was five years ago. We need more Anna Kournikovas and Andre Agassis on the tour. Without Andre's comeback in the last year and a half, tennis would be in an even bigger hole."

June 25, 2000 - Anna Kournikova accepts Top Award from Lycos Sports as Web's Most Searched Athlete, saying "I'm thrilled to be getting The Lycos 50 Most Searched Athlete Award," said Anna Kournikova. "It's very flattering to know I have fans out there who are interested in what I am doing and where I am playing. I look forward to chatting with my fans on Lycos in July."

June 25, 2000 - Anna was knocked out of the Eastbourne women's tournament on Thursday, her fragile serve again proving her downfall against Chanda Rubin, who won 7-5, 0-6, 6-3.

June 22, 2000 - Our opinion poll shows you still have confidence in Anna, with 48.65% saying definately when asked "Do you think Anna Kournikova will ever win a singles Grand Slam?". Maybe came 2nd with 22.8%, probably not got 15.39%, and no way got 13.16%, with 851 total votes.

June 12, 2000 - Anna Kournikova was mentioned on Rick Dees last Monday. Ellen K said after turning 19 she's already worth $10 million in endorsements alone. Rick says she kind of looks like singer Jessica Simpson. [though in much better shape we say!]

June 11, 2000 - As you may know, Anna Kournikova plays in the movie Me, Myself and Irene. The movie also stars Jim Carrey.

June 11, 2000 - eBay has a Kremlin posing picture of Anna that is also autographed for auction. The 8x10 (item #352412068) is currently bid at $10.50 and ends June 14th.

June 6, 2000 - As you all may know, Anna is the latest covergirl in Sports Illustrated. The hype over the bikini clad Anna was enough to vault her up to #12 in the Lycos 50 most popular search terms this week.

June 6, 2000 - There was a skit with Anna Kournikova on the Craig Kilborn show last night where he basically lusted after Anna who was behind a TV screen with her mouth cut out for someone else to talk.

June 3, 2000 - Anna Kournikova lost again at the French Open, 6-2, 4-6, 6-3, to Austria's Sylvia Plischke. She told reporters afterwards "The only guys who are making a big deal about it are you guys (journalists)" in response to her continued winless streak. She added "I know some players win when they're young and some players win when they're older. My game is maturing."

June 1, 2000 - If you were listening to Tom Leykis yesterday, you no doubt heard the segment where he bashed Tauziat's book and in effect said because there is no geographic alliances in individual sports you chear for the best looking one. He said the real Hidden Side of Women's Tennis is that they are mostly lesbians. He also said tennis is a sport that should be played, not watched, and that anybody can play tennis.

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