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January 30, 2002 - The Enquirer reports when Jennifer Aniston got into a car accident on January 15 she was weeping and in pain at the side of a busy Hollywood street saying, "Oh, no - my baby!" Sources say "Jen said she's enjoying the thought that at any moment she could be expecting. That's why her first thoughts on the morning she was hit were of the baby she hoped she was carrying. She felt true maternal instincts rush over her concern for the life inside her." Read more.

January 30, 2002 - Heat magazine reports Jennifer Aniston has ordered 250 new note cards with Jennifer Pitt printed on them. Los Angeles artist Claudia Laub talked about the decision saying, "I asked her what name she wanted and she was really firm that she wanted Jennifer Pitt. I was really surprised because I thought she had kept the name Aniston."

January 30, 2002 - While trying to drop his smoking habit, Brad Pitt subsituted Cotton Candy for cigarettes on the set of Ocean's Eleven. The move didn't work as Brad admitted, "I was making one of my many attempts to quit smoking. I didn't want to smoke in Ocean's Eleven, so I ate instead. My first scene was at the circus and there were sticks of Cotton Candy. I just grabbed one and continued from there!"

January 30, 2002 - Globe reports Jennifer Aniston picked up a book on landscaping while Brad flipped through pages of magazines at an L.A. bookstore. Jennifer explained to a store employee, "My husband is always planting trees and flowers on our property and I want to learn more about them."

January 29, 2002 - Liz Smith of the New York Post reports Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt called ahead at Sundance to instruct Motorola to reserve them 30 pair of the Burberry sunglasses the cell phone giant was giving out.

January 29, 2002 - Apparently one of the tabloids has a story out this week claiming half of Brad Pitt's fan mail comes from gay men, many who send in naked photos of themselves. Brad reportedly lets Jennifer Aniston, who's ok with the fan mail, check them out and he ends up signing them and returning them.

January 28, 2002 - The Sun reports Brad Pitt refuses to make a film with wife Jennifer Aniston because he believes, "They call couples working together the kiss of death and I might be an example."

January 27, 2002 - The Globe reports spies caught Brad Pitt sneaking into a matinee of The Royal Tenenbaums which starred his ex-Gwyneth Paltrow. Apparently Jen didn't want to see it with him for that reason.

January 23, 2002 - The Express reports Brad Pitt has a strange habit of collecting chairs, which have filled an entire room. Brad says, "They're like sculptures. After my first job, I bought a chair. My second job, I bought a chair. My third job, I bought a chair. My fourth job, I bought three chairs!"

January 22, 2002 - Brad Pitt told Access Hollywood that Jennifer Aniston never even got into a car accident as has been widely reported. Her Friends co-star Matthew Perry gave indications otherwise telling Entertainment Tonight he "Gave her a advice, having a couple fender benders myself." Perry added, "No. She was fine. She was fine."

January 22, 2002 - Jennifer Garner told Access Hollywood that when accepting her Golden Globe award last night, "It's just so amazing and I'm sitting here. It just seems silly. I forgot to say so much that I wanted to say because I was thinking, well, there's Brad Pitt. There he is. Hi, Brad. Hi, Brad, Jennifer. Thank you." When asked who else she was looking at, Garner joked, "Brad."

January 21, 2002 - In an abstracts.net poll asking 'Do you think Brad Pitt's Jackass appearances were a good career move? ', 78.6% said yes while 21.4% said no, with 501 total votes cast.

January 21, 2002 - WireImage.com has photos of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston from The 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday. Check them out here.

January 20, 2002 - US Weekly reports Brad Pitt is a big fan of Dr. Hauschka lip care stick which includes jojoba oil, lanolin, and carrot extract.

January 19, 2002 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports the architect that remodeled the new home of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston lives on their property, primarily to keep the place "feng shui perfect."

January 17, 2002 - Steven Tyler was on 'Extra' Wednesday to reveal that he's very interested in hooking up with Jennifer Aniston after she divulged that Tyler is "the one person that Brad said I can have if the opportunity presents itself." Tyler said of the news, "We gotta talk. My wife loves Brad, so if we can do a swap thing, we're good. Tell Brad to call me."

January 16, 2001 - Splash has additional footage of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston from the premiere party of Ocean's Eleven in Los Angeles last month.

January 16, 2001 - Jennifer Aniston escaped serious injury yesterday when a vehicle broadsided her sports car on a busy Hollywood street. Sources said Aniston also phoned hubby Pitt to assure him she was OK. After speaking with police, she drove away on her own.

January 15, 2002 - The Enquirer reports Brad Pitt stopped into a tiny grocery store in Plainsburg, California to ask for directions only to have the star-struck woman behind the counter repeatedly gasp, "Omigod, you're Brad Pitt! I can't believe Brad Pitt is in my store!" Brad explained, "Well, we get lost too."

January 14, 2001 - WireImage.com has photos of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston & Robert Redford arriving to the premiere of "The Good Girl" at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Saturday. Check out the photos here.

January 13, 2002 - One of the more strange lawsuit settlements has occurred between Brad Pitt and Silvia Damiani and Damiani International, the company that marketed wedding bands worn by Brad and Jennifer Aniston without their permission. Brad will no design a collection for the company while Jennifer will appear in their ads.

January 13, 2002 - Yahoo! has photos of Brad Pitt at  a screening of the film "The Good Girl" starring his wife, actress Jennifer Aniston, January 12 at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

January 7, 2002 - The New York Post's Liz Smith reports Jennifer Aniston had never read the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Brad Pitt gave her a leather-bound set for Christmas and Jen refuses to go see the movie until she finishes and rereads all three. 

January 6, 2002 - Nebraska linebacker Jamie Burrow said Tuesday before the team's Rose Bowl loss to Miami on Thursday, "We got to meet Heather Locklear at a Lakers game, and I had my picture taken with Brad Pitt."

January 6, 2002 - Yahoo! has a photo of Brad Pitt taking in an NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Toronto Raptors at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, December 28, 2001.

January 3, 2002 - News.com.au quotes Jennifer Aniston talking about rumors of her pregnancy as she admits, "I'm not pregnant. I find all the rumours hysterical. Yet I don't get mad. In fact I get a lot of free desserts."

January 3, 2002 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were spotted eating at Ivy in Beverly Hills, where Brad was wearing a black top hat.

January 1, 2002 - Brad Pitt spoke with the Daily Telegraph about his comments in the December Vanity Fair where he talked of being fed up with acting. Pitt clarified his comments saying, "I forget sometimes I am talking to the world. I really should shut up. It was a completely light-hearted conversation and as usual, they found something: things are spun in different directions. My point there was, as of late, yeah, I was a little bored watching myself on the screen. It was time for some reinvention, new direction."

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