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February 28, 2002 - Star reports Brad Pitt threw a $10,000 bash (hmm... IMDB said $21,000) for his wife Jennifer Aniston on her birthday, which included a platinum charm bracelet worth more than $5,000. An insider explained, "Brad told Jen they were going out for a quiet dinner to celebrate her birthday. But when they arrived, they found 20 of her closest pals and Friends castmates waiting on the balloon-filled patio to surprise her. Jen was absolutely overjoyed."

February 21, 2002 - Star reports Brad Pitt recently got Jennifer Aniston a charm necklace from Harry Winston. The $2,500 necklace ballooned to $5,500 after Brad added several extras and inscriptions. Brad didn't mind though, and even left a $200 tip to the designer.

February 19, 2002 - Ananova reports Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt have been named by cinemagoers as the big screen's most glamorous stars in a survey of 1,000 filmgoers aged over 16.

February 15, 2002 - IMDB reports Brad Pitt spent $21,000 on a surprise birthday party for wife Jennifer Aniston. The party was held at Hollywood Japanese restaurant Katana and included her Friends co-star David Schwimmer. Brad toasted his wife, saying, "Happy birthday Jen. You're my best friend, my soulmate and the one I'll spend eternity with. I don't know what I did to deserve you. But I thank God every day that you came into my life. I love you, now and forever."

February 14, 2002 - Star magazine reports Spy Games co-star Robert Redford came to the aid of Brad Pitt after the actor became frustrated in forgetting his lines during a recent filming. Redford prescribed a Chinese "memory cocktail" made of ginkgo biloba extracts, vitamin E and a vast array of herbs - all mixed together in green tea.

February 13, 2002 - The Sun reports Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs was asked who he would like to have cast as himself in a film about his life. The rapper said, "No one would play P Diddy better than me. If that didnít work, I want Brad Pitt."

February 12, 2002 - IMDB reports Guy Ritchie has introduced Brad Pitt to bloodsports when he spent with weekend at Ritchie and Madonna's home. Another guest of Ritchie's said, "Brad proved he can handle a 12-bore. He acquitted himself well and could almost pass as an English gent."

February 10, 2002 - Brad Pitt has been approached to play himself in a new film called Brad Pitt Wants My Girlfriend. The American film will tell the tale of a couple who grow apart when the girl meets Pitt while on a trip to Canada.

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