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November 30, 2002 - Ozzy Osbourne tells People magazine: "Brad Pitt came up to me at the Emmys and said he was a huge fan," he says, amazed. "Brad Pitt -- a huge fan of mine!"

November 22, 2002 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports Brad Pitt was spotted with cell phone pressed to his ear outside Bread and Porridge. Santa Monica. Dressed down in a baseball hat, with an unshaven mug, Brad took care of some tawkie biz before a Sunday-morn breakfast while Jennifer waited inside.

November 22, 2002 - Star magazine reports Jennifer Aniston had hoped to impress Brad Pitt with her equestrian skills during a horseback riding outing, but instead the star got a horse with a sore leg, and bad twitch whenever he got near water. Wen the trails curved around a creek, Jennifer was up one. "I made an absolute fool of myself," she said.

November 21, 2002 - Brad Pitt was pictured ordering food from 'In and Out Burger' drive through on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on Sunday (November 17). Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

November 21, 2002 - Brad Pitt was on hand at the 'Solaris' premiere on Tuesday (November 19) at the Pacific Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from WireImage.com.

November 21, 2002 - Entertainment Tonight chatted with Jennifer Aniston and asked the actress about their house, which she says they are "not building, just redoing. Feels like we are building. You put Brad in any structure and it's gotta change. The beauty of his eye; he just sees structure in ways no one else can."

November 13, 2002 - Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston attend a wedding in Hollywood on October 14.

November 12, 2002 - The National Enquirer reports Brad Pitt has been chosen to design rooms for a hotel and will be the star of a reality TV show based on that.

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