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August 29, 2003 - Dr. Carol Lieberman tells Star magazine Jennifer Aniston appears to be the boss in her marriage to Brad Pitt. "He wants children, yet she continues to focus on work. It appears that she's the boss," she said.

August 27, 2003 - Star magazine reports Brad Pitt was offered the role in 'Alexander', playing the homosexual lover of Colin Farrell's character, but wife Jennifer made him turn down the role, worried it would not be good for his image. Jared Leto instead jumped on the part.

August 23, 2003 - Troubled thriller "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" looks as if it is headed back to the altar, with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the title roles, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Read more.

August 21, 2003 - WENN reports Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have finally moved into the Hollywood dream home they bought two years ago - prompting speculation they are ready to start a family.

August 18, 2003 - In the must-have "What's Sexy Now" September issue of InStyle, on stands August 22nd, Brad Pitt won 'Sexiest Sex Symbol' for the third time -- a first in the history of the poll.

August 14, 2003 - Film maker Kevin Smith wants Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck to play a young Fletch in the prequel to the Fletch films that starred Chevy Chase.

August 14, 2003 - Star magazine reports Brad Pitt is having a special clause written in his contract saying that if he or Jennifer has more than a couple of days off while they're apart, a private jet will whisk the available partner to see the other -- even for as little as 24 hours, all on the movie company's tab.

August 13, 2003 - The New York Daily News reports Brad Pitt is thinking about summoning the ghost of James Dean. The actor is interested in remaking 'East of Eden,' Elia Kazan's 1955 drama based on the 1952 novel by John Steinbeck.

August 11, 2003 - "Marriage really suits me or maybe it's just Jennifer that really suits me," the Sunday Mail quotes Brad Pitt saying.

August 9, 2003 - Star magazine reports that Brad Pitt made two stops at Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles within 1 hour. It seems Pitt forgot some items on wife Jennifer Aniston's list so she sent him back. "This time I brought a list!", Brad told the clerk. Amongst the items were Jen's favorite organic plain rice cakes, wheat-free brown-rice, medley, and egg-free mayo.

August 7, 2003 - Globe magazine reports that while Brad Pitt was taking a break from filming 'Troy' in Los Angeles, he stopped by a supermarket for a soda and bag of pretzels. A stranded female motorist spotted him and asked, "Are you the tow truck driver? I am so late for a job interview!" Brad simply smiled and helped jump star the woman's car. Then a patron at the market told the woman who the helpful man actually was. She said, "Yeah right. A Hollywood star would never be this nice and helpful to a complete stranger!"

August 4, 2003 - Us Weekly reports Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are spending their third anniversary in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, where the couple will stay as Brad films 'Troy'. The pair will be staying at a luxury villa on a seaside cliff in a gated community called El Pedregal. "They have sun decks, a pool, and an outdoor gym with an awning constructed just so that they could work out in total privacy," a source revealed.

August 1, 2003 - Star magazine has a feature on how Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are coping with their separation crisis, as both stars maintain a busy schedule keeping them apart. "They've got it tough right now, there's no doubt about that," confided a friend of the couple. "They knew giong in that this marriage would take lots of work, but I don't think they expected things to get this rocky. And it looks like the road ahead is even rockier."

August 1, 2003 - Star magazine quotes Brad Pitt saying, "Nice guys think they have to be polite all the time and that can be boring. Bad guys are more honest!"

August 1, 2003 - Us Weekly reports that when Brad Pitt left Malta, he had good things to say about the isle and promised to return. "When Brad left, he told his driver how much he'd enjoyed his stay and how much Jennifer had loved it too," a local source revealed. "They were already planning a return journey."

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