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July 26, 2004 - While the feud between Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer was initially for PR, Star magazine reports that it has become real. Pitt "just smiles politely" at Kilmer when they meet in public, but Kilmer will tell anyone that he "can't stand Pitt - and thinks there's nothing really amazing about his ('Troy') performance."

July 26, 2004 - Flare.com caught up with Brad Pitt for a Q&A and asked about the reports of him working with the prominent Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry. "I'm an architectural nut," Pitt admitted. "Through this, I have been able to meet Frank Gehry, who I really respect. For me, he really blew the lid off the box and opened the door for the future and for other architects. He has invited me to sit in on a kind of architects' inner circle, a kind of think tank."

July 26, 2004 - A few weeks ago, The Las Vegas Sun reported on the possibility of Brad Pitt, a keen architecture student, designing a hotel for Station Casinos on the site of the Wild Wild West. They now report that Pitt has been doing some architectural research, which may come into play if he does in fact end up doing the Station project.

July 19, 2004 - Brad Pitt was photographed on holiday in Antibes, Cote D'Azure, Frand on July 7th. Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

July 19, 2004 - There's a heartbreaking secret behind Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's attempts to start a family -- The National Enquirer has learned that the power couple were rocked by a devastating miscarriage. But sources say the tragedy has only served to reinforce the pair's strong bond of love. Read more.

July 12, 2004 - The New York Post reports locals on Bainbridge Island, a scenic half-hour ferry ride from downtown Seattle, are in a dither over a recent visit by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who were property shopping. The once-sleepy island has jolted awake in the last decade with new construction, soaring real-estate prices and jam-packed ferries. Lots of residents fear a major movie-star invasion would further erode the laid-back Bainbridge ethos.

July 12, 2004 - Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta Jones were on the set of 'Ocean's Twelve' on Tuesday (July 6) in Palermo, Italy. Check out pictures from Abaca.

July 12, 2004 - Brad Pitt was photographed on holiday for few days in Antibes, south France on Wednesday (July 7). The actor likes very much architecture and his friend Bono of U2, who lives on the south coast and likes also architecture, gave him the advice to visit architecture genius Le Corbusier's cabanon in Roquebrune near Monaco. In the picture, he is surrounded by Elisabetta and Sandy, Roquebrune's tourism office employees.

July 6, 2004 - In Touch magazine reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's new film 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' was just taken over by the bond company that guaranteed the movie would come in on budget and on time. The flick is barely halfway done even though it was supposed to be complete by now, and Brad and Angelina aren't happy about it. A source said, "They both have so much going on in their lives, they can't afford to reschedule."

July 6, 2004 - 'Survivor' All-Star winner Amber Brkich spoke with Chaunce Hayden of Steppin' Out magazine talking about meeting celebs while on promotional tours after the CBS reality show. "We've been having a blast flying around and meeting everyone. We've met Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander from 'Seinfeld'. I also met Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston when I was L.A.. In fact, they told me that they love the show and that they tape it every week and that it's the best show. Brad said that it's the best show and besides "Friends" it's the only show he watches every week. They just love it! It's pretty exciting to know that these amazing people in Hollywood know who I am and actually care to see the show." Asked if Brad invite her and Rob to the mansion to hang by the pool, Amber responded, "Not yet! But I'm waiting for the invite."

July 2, 2004 - Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston jetted into the East End of London for a surprise visit to Fifteen, the trendy restaurant owned by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jules on June 18th. The couple were joined by Claudia Schiffer and her husband Matthew Vaughn.

July 2, 2004 - Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were photographed enjoying drinks with friends on the balcony of their Rome hotel on June 24th. Brad and Jennifer are in the country while Brad films his new movie 'Ocean's 12'.

July 2, 2004 - The Sun reports Jennifer Aniston has been spotted stocking up on what might best be described as exotic junk food as debate rages if she's pregnant with hubby Brad Pitt's child.

July 2, 2004 - The Chicago Sun-Times reports spies have been following Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's housekeeper as she does Jen and Brad's grocery shopping. A couple of recent additions to Aniston and Pitt's usual list of heart-healthy menu items have raised eyebrows including pineapple ice cream, Reese's peanut butter cups and three kinds of kosher dill pickles. "That's a good one," laughed an Aniston mouthpiece, barely containing herself. "Pickles and ice cream! Can't you guys get any more creative than that?"

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