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August 25, 2005 - George Clooney tells Italian Vanity Fair magazine that Angelina Jolie is the woman for Brad Pitt. "I see them together and they look very content, which makes me happy," he said. "I've met her a few times. She is a very beautiful woman and very clued up." Read more.

August 25, 2005 - Star magazine reports that while shopping with Zahara in New York, Angelina Jolie was asked where boyfriend Brad Pitt was. She told a fellow shopper: "He's not here with us." Then she rubbed baby Zahara's head and, in her best baby talk, said: "Do you miss Brad? Mommy misses Brad!" Read more.

August 25, 2005 - The National Enquirer reports that Angelina Jolie is terrified that she will lose Brad Pitt to another woman, especially now that they have split up to begin filming separate movies in different countries. Read more.

August 25, 2005 - Insiders tell The New York Daily News real-life skirmishes on the roadways in the escalating war of wheels between A-list stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, or Ben Affleck, and the roving photographers who dog them are leading to fears that Los Angeles is ripe for a tragedy. "The driving is dangerous. Some stars use speed, maneuvers, illegal U-turns and reckless driving to evade photographers," said Randy Bauer, who co-owns Bauer-Griffin photo agency. Read more.

August 25, 2005 - The Chicago Sun-Times reports Brad Pitt is talking to Frank Gehry about designing a new penthouse for him in London.

August 25, 2005 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports hears Brad Pitt has dropped out of the local hotel deal involving George Clooney and nightclub operator Rande Gerber.

August 4, 2005 - Us Weekly reports that while Brad Pitt was filming an Edwin Jeans commercial for the Japanese market in Lancaster, California, Angelina Jolie's adopted son Maddox started crying for Pitt, yelling, "Where's my daddy?" In addition, Pitt and Jolie are serious about building a family, a source told the mag. Pitt's name was left off adoption papers for little Zahara Jolie, whom the actress recently took in from Africa, only because his divorce is not yet final.

August 4, 2005 - Brad Pitt has been enjoying a steamy break with Angelina Jolie - at Arizona's deluxe Westin Kierland Resort. "They arrived dressed very casually in T-shirts and jeans but they still looked incredible together," an insider at the retreat revealed. "They were amazingly relaxed in each others' company." Read more.

August 4, 2005 - The National Enquirer reports that Angelina Jolie has stunned Brad Pitt with a shocking ultimatum over their future together. In a showdown between Hollywood's hottest couple, the devoted mom told Brad that her children Maddox, four, and six-month-old Zahara will always be hers. It left the actor so distraught, sources say, that he reached out to estranged wife Jennifer Aniston for advice. Read more.

August 4, 2005 - In her bombshell Vanity Fair article, Jennifer Aniston tells Leslie Bennetts that she's still haunted by the fear that Brad Pitt cheated on her with Angelina Jolie while they were married. "She said to me, 'I'll never really know,'" Bennetts told 'Extra'. Read more and watch a video clip here.

August 4, 2005 - In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jennifer Aniston says when she first saw the pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together, "The world was shocked and I was shocked. I'd be a robot if I said I didn't feel moments of anger, of hurt, of embarrassment." Jennifer says she's sad that she's been blamed for the breakdown of her marriage and for reportedly putting her career before having babies. She says, "That really annoyed me. I've never in my life said I don't want children. I did and I do and I will. I would never give up that experience for a career." She also revealed that she and Brad are no longer talking. Read more.

August 4, 2005 - All the 'Friends' cast members are keen for a documentary that would make millions for each of them - except Jennifer Aniston, a source tells Neil Sean of Sky News. "All the cast members are up for a documentary based on the show which would have featured exclusive interviews with the cast all except Jennifer Aniston," blabbed the insider. "Rumor is she is still too distraught about the split from hubby Brad Pitt while others cite the fact that she wants to move away from her Rachel image for good."

August 4, 2005 - Brad Pitt was videotaped on his motorcycle at Western Costumes on Monday (August 1). Watch a clip from Lulop.

August 4, 2005 - WENN reports that Eva Longoria is deeply ashamed of herself for wearing an "I'll have your baby, Brad" t-shirt, and has sent Brad Pitt's estranged wife Jennifer Aniston a written apology for the distress it caused. Longoria caused a media frenzy when she was photographed wearing the top while shopping, as it was seen to mock Aniston's alleged reluctance to have children with Pitt. Longoria says, "I do regret wearing it and I have written to Jennifer Aniston to express my sympathies over her marriage."

August 4, 2005 - Vanity Fair reporter Leslie Bennetts talked about her candid interview with Brad Pitt's ex-wife Jennifer Aniston with the 'Today' anchor Katie Couric. Watch the segment here.

August 4, 2005 - Jennifer Aniston speaks out about her break-up with Brad Pitt in Vanity Fair magazine. Early Show Entertainment Contributor and People magazine Senior Editor Jess Cagle has more.

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