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March 30, 2000 - 'N Sync and Britney manager Johnny Wright says to Entertainment Weekly that Britney may have a shot at breaking the 'N Sync opening week record for album sales, saying "She's a tiger, and she'll do everything in her power to do that." The promo efforts by 'N Sync are most likely going to be emulated both by Britney in May and the Backstreet Boys this fall.

March 29, 2000 - The latest rumor going around is that 'N Sync's new song Digital Getdown was written by Justin, not JC as the credits suggest, and is about his relationship with Britney Spears. Rumors also have it that the two would "get closer" using webcams while they were both on tour. Justin was asked about the song in TV Guide and said "I think it's quite safe sex if you ask me." when asked if it was about cyber sex.

March 29, 2000 - Worldpop.com is saying that Britney may play Francis "Baby" Houseman in a remake of Dirty Dancing. Filming is not expected to start until the end of the year.

March 27, 2000 - The Los Angeles Times is reporting that there is a new Britney Spears figure in the Hollywood Wax Museum, which may give welcome relief as silicon rumors are replaced by wax facts!

March 27, 2000 - We got word today that perhaps the Justin story reported earlier is a hoax. We'll try and look into this, the allegation is that it was made by a Backstreet Boy fan, though anyone reading it would have had empathy for Justin so I'm not so sure that would make sense. There was no specific radio station named in the report so verifying either way may be difficult.

March 26, 2000 - Britney Spears will have her own special on ABC to preview her upcoming album. The show will feature appearances by Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore and air on April 11.

March 26, 2000 - Another 8x10 off eBay for an autographed pic of Britney in a dancing pose presumably from last summer. Just hours before the end of this auction, bids are around $30!

March 26, 2000 - Britney's mom has another update on Britneybeat.com. Apparently while filming Oops, I did it Again in Los Angeles, a camera fell and hit Britney in the head, causing her to bleed and requiring stitches. Britney also suffered a concusion from the incident and worried the hell out of her mom. We threw in a picture from the video, although not the gory details most probably want to see!

March 26, 2000 - Totalmusic.net is reporting that a radio station in the Datkotas grilled Justin about Britney, specifically about his no comment on AOL we reported earlier. After awkward moments of silence and having him politely hang up afterwards, here's the gist of what he said: "If I were to have said Yes we were dating all hell would have broken lose, but whenever I said No people still asked me about it, they didn't let it go. So either way I lost, no matter how you look at it. No one except for other people in this buisness can possibily understand what that's like. Yes, it does get funny when I see myself with all these different girls because I'm not a player, but sometimes it just really hurts that people think they know so much about you. I have feelings too, and I don't think I deserve to be treated like this."

March 26, 2000 - There's a new Making The Video episode coming out for Oops! ...I Did It Again, MTV will air the special on April 3.

March 26, 2000 - The cover art for the new Britney album is out as well as a partial listings of songs: 1.Oops!..I Did It Again 2.Lucky 3.Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know 4.Satisfaction 5.Girl in the Mirror, no word on the rest of the tracks yet. The album comes out on May 16 and should make a run at the record success enjoyed by 'N Sync during their initial week.

March 25, 2000 - Britney is throwing cold water on rumors about her and Justin. According to her, pictures that recently sprang up in UK tabloids are from her 18th birthday, when Justin was hugging her wishing her a happy birthday. She said the entire group did likewise.

March 23, 2000 - Dotmusic.com is revealing today that Britney Spears will begin her tour in the UK in November, and it is rumored that she will be joined there by 'N Sync.

March 23, 2000 - Worldpop.com is reporting that rumors that Britney Spears will be attending the University of Geogia are untrue.

March 22, 2000 - Christina Aguilera is in the National Enquirer this week commenting on Britney by saying in regards to a possible feud "No, of course not. We were really close, really good friends. When the 'Mickey Mouse Club' show ended, in which we starred, we went our separate ways."

March 22, 2000 - Rick Dees reported Monday on Britney lip synching by saying "who cares" and that "Britney can't hold a note while doing a backflip". He said she can sing and this is no Milli Vanilli situation, as she's sung in his studios before.

March 21, 2000 - Word has it on Brit's new song, Oops, I Did it Again, the chorus of the tune is I'm not that innocent.

March 20, 2000 - Turns out Brit won't be performing at MTV Spring Break, rather she will present her favorite Spring Break videos in Britney's Favorite Spring Break Videos at 7pm on Friday.

March 20, 2000 - dotmusic.com is reporting that Britney Spears has given her family $1 million to help them pay off the debts they incurred trying to make Britney famous. Supposedly she's also offered Bryan a job as her bodygaurd too according to the report. But as we learned last week Brit's rep says she isn't buying a home in the UK, the dotmusic article states otherwise... Yeah, we're just as confused as you!

March 19, 2000 - Britney's mom added a new entry to her diary on Britneybeat.com on the 15th. Apparently Britney's got her own tour bus now and her brother is getting married, with her little sister scheduled to sing in the wedding. Lynne and little sis will join up with Brit on tour when school gets out.

March 17, 2000 - This week's Star Magazine reveals that Britney's parents were dirt poor before she made it big, and that Brit blamed herself for it because they had spent so much money trying to make her famous. The story also reveals the family's low point was when their 1993 Ford Probe was seized by creditors and the family filed for bankruptcy.

March 17, 2000 - Justin was asked yesterday about going out with Britney Spears during an AOL chat, his reponse? "No comment."

March 16, 2000 - Some more details on Britney and Justin, National Enquirer TV will feature a video clip of the two in a New York nightclub on this week's episode, so check your local listings.

March 15, 2000 - According to USA Today, a Britney Spears spokesperson is denying all charges that Brit and Justin were shacking up in LA. Sounding ironically OJ Simpson-esque (see earlier story), Lizzie Grubman says "She's only 18. She is 100 percent absolutely not living with him." She also denies that Britney will buy a home in the UK. Join us again for another episode of As Britney Turns!

March 15, 2000 - According to worldpop.com, literary giant Stephen Hawking is running scared since his book A Brief History Of Time will be hitting the stores in tandem with Britney's autobiography. More info, apparrently the Britney book is going to be a whopping 224 pages!

March 14, 2000 - The New York Daily News is reporting that Britney is going to release her book Britney on May 9th, the same day her new album is out. The glaring error in the article, the title Britney, 19, Looks Back... Uhh, message to the NY Daily News, Britney is 18 and won't be 19 until December 2nd!

March 14, 2000 - Kind of stale news we saw on groupiecentral.com, but it bears repeating. They have a behind the sceens at the Grammys report and say that Britney could barely fight back tears after Christina beat her for Best New Artist and slam Brit by saying "Do you think Pamela Anderson Lee will ever win an Oscar? So get over yourself if you believe you're an important artist. Just shut up, keep flashing your [breasts] and ass while they're still perky, and cry all the way to the bank."

March 14, 2000 - Latest usenet rumor on Britney, that she's dating OJ Simpson! LOL, uh, we don't think so, though we suspect Brit's dance moves would be valuable in self defense against a knife attack. alt.fan.britney-spears

March 14, 2000 - Latest word is that Britney indeed is going to be doing commercials for the Clairol Herbal Essences line. Somehow I doubt Brit will agree to moan and yelp sexually for the shampoo like so many commercials in the past have for the product. *Fingers crossed* but maybe....

March 13, 2000-Britney Spears is "driving her fans crazy" just one more time by posing for her second Milk Mustache ad as the 100th Milk Mustache celebrity to appear in the famed "got milk?" Milk Mustache campaign. And yes, the little girl posing next to Britney is none other than Britney herself transposed.

March 13, 2000 - More info on the Justin and Britney pictures. Apparently they are in this week's Enquirer and show Justin driving Britney's new Jaguar and have them shopping together as well. I know, I know, you wanna see the pics, we'll get them up as soon as we get em!

March 13, 2000 - Well the Britney Spears message boards are lighting up today with people chiming in about recent reviews of Britney's latest tour where reviewers are saying her act is a lip-sync affair, worse yet, she is out of sync with the soundtrack as well. Check out Britney's message boards here: alt.fan.britney-spears

March 11, 2000 - In a stunning upset, Britney Spears lost to Christina Aguilera in MTV's Video Feuds. The crushing first round defeat was 57% for Christina, 43% for Aguilera. We think it was fixed! All net traffic would point to Britney being much more popular than Christina, this site gets about 80% more traffic for Brit than Christina so it seems to be a rigged event.

March 11, 2000 - Huge News! Rick Dees reported Friday that Britney and Justin Timberlake are living together! There are photos to prove it as well! They've been in a rented mansion in the Hollywood Hills since February 9th where Justin apparently been pampering Brit with gourmet dinners and massages. [we'll try to find these pics ASAP]

March 10, 2000 - Britney Spears made $15 million last year according to Forbes magazine and she appears on the cover of the latest issue as well! This amount also includes endorsement money from Clairol and Polaroid.

March 10, 2000 - While Britney's second album won't be released until mid-May, the first single off that album Oops... I Did It Again will hit the airwaves in just a few weeks on March 27th. The new album will feature a remake of the Rolling Stone's classic (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction!

March 10, 2000 - MTV'S Spring Break 2000, which will be taped soon from Cancun and Las Vegas will include Britney Spears in the lineup.

March 7, 2000 - The Globe is reporting that Prince William has dumped his cyber gal Britney Spears for 19 year old British Aristocrat, Isabella Anstruther Gough. They also say Britney was in tears when it occurred... Personally, I doubt this scenario is correct, Will's hormone's are flowing and breaking off anything with the most popular teen in the world seems far-fetched. When Britney lands in the UK, no doubt this tabloid story will be turned around.

March 7, 2000 - Britney has signed on to endorse Clairol products, although there's no work on whether she'll be doing the pseudo sexual moaning (ohhh yess, yess!!) that is common with Clairol's Herbal Essences line. [we can only dream!]

March 7, 2000 - Britney Spears is appearing in a new 'Got Milk?' ad, she'll be sporting a black tank-top in the ad and apparently she really does like milk.

March 4, 2000 - As we reported earlier, Britney Spears was atop a float this weekend for New Orleans' Margi Gras parade.

March 2, 2000 - Well the National Enquirer is chiming in on the whole Britney Christina love duel for Prince William. Apparently, Brit is the heavy favorite to land the heir to the throne, as Wills has pictures of Britney plastered throughout his room at Eton, the boarding school he attends. Said a royal insider "It's a romance in the making -- there'll be fireworks when these two meet! Wills is a young man now, not a boy, and it's not just Britney's singing that appeals to him. He's developed a very healthy interest in the opposite sex!"

March 2, 2000 - e! Online's weekly gossip column is out again substantiating what we at abstracts.net are convinced of, Britney's authentic breasts. Apparently before the Grammys Britney was walking around before the ceremony "in a state of partial undress".... And witnesses are claiming "She's normal."

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