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britney spears snl highlights

Britney had an incredible performance on SNL last night. The way that she spoofed herself it is clear from early feedback has caused many of the girls who hated her before to change their tunes... Here's how things unfolded:

Grade: A
Britney came out and tried to clear up a couple of rumors about herself. The first rumor was that she lip-synched during her video awards performance and as she explained it, her answer became lip-synched. But the funniest part was that she denied having breast implants, but her boobs started moving around like they were alive, a breast moment that brings back Pamela Anderson's appearance on the show, where she showed all. While short this was the funniest moment of the show I thought (not counting the Ambiguously Gay Duo).

Morning Latte:
Grade: B
Britney played the role of an unknown member of the Mickey Mouse Club who later wrote a book talking about the 'seedy corrupt underbelly of the New Mickey Mouse Club' entitled Mouse Trap. Dawn commented to the hosts (Will Farrell and Cheri Oteri) that "Yo Disney is whack" and she resented the show for making her cover her tattoos and remove her piercings, saying "I don't front!" When asked about Britney, she said "Britney Spears is a stuck up playa hattah" and that she stole all her moves, but that "I ain't shady" as she proceeded to ash her cigarette into the Morning Latte cup. Then she explained Britney started 'sniffin around my man Justin Timberlake" She retaliated by setting Britney's hair on fire, claiming she's wearing a weave now. This skit was probably her best because it was such a radical change from her regular persona, and it was especially funny to hear her hip hop lingo and watch her smoke [she looked a little too natural smoking eh?]

Colonial Skit
Grade: C
Britney in this skit played a colonial butter churner, referred by Jimmy Fallon as the St. Pauli Girl. He and Rachel Dratch joked about the him being used to the churning motion then she finished and complained it was "hot as a crotch out here." They talked about how hard it was to get jobs and Britney complained about sleazy bosses. At the end Britney said "I haven't cleaned the cream off my pole yet." This skit had its moments but lacked substance.

Woodrow the bum:
Grade: C
Britney is exiting after a concert and her manager says no autographs, but a bum (Tracy Morgan) asks her to sign his telephone book, causing the crowd to make fun of the ugly stinky guy  but then Britney feels sorry for him. She walks Woodrow to his home 10 feet away in the sewer. Woodrow sings a song to Britney and they profess their love for each other but Britney had to leave the sewer. The song was pretty funny but I didn't think much of the skit.

Performed Oops.. I Did it Again
Grade: A
What else can we say? Obviously not lip-synched and the dance moves are entertaining, great job.

News Song with Chris Parnell
Grade: A
Click here for the lyrics to Chris' dedication to Britney.

Dance Audition:
Grade B
This skit had Britney and Tim Meadows auditioning Chris Kattan and Chris Parnell. They were a couple of queer looking nerds who did a dance similar to the Ambiguously Gay Duo at first. When Britney tried to hurry them along they got all pissed saying "hey little miss prissy why don't you watch that lip?" They finally performed a BOMT skit dressed as schoolgirls. This skit was kind of funny just watching Britney covering her mouth to keep from laughing.

Britney gave a very special thanks to Sarah Michelle Gellar... She never appeared in the show but perhaps gave her acting pointers? In any event, it seems like her and Sarah's look are getting more and more similar don't you think?