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November 25, 2000 - Megastar reports that Caprice has hooked up with Dennis Quaid who's on the rebound after his breakup with Meg Ryan. The two were spotted at a posh club on Sunset Strip in LA where Dennis was playing with his band. A witness revealed, "Dennis was with us, but most of his attention was focused on Caprice. She whispered and giggled with two friends in a private booth. She went wild over his performance." Later, she reported, "The two of them hopped into one car and sped off down Sunset."

November 14, 2000 - The Enquirer reports that Caprice is returning to the states to star in a new Showtime series Chromium Blue and she'll also has a 2001 calendar out.

August 26, 2000 - We've added message boards to abstracts.net! It's still somewhat under construction but feel free to sign up and post here. Starting next month we'll have a $25 gift certificate at Amazon.com for post of the month!

July 14, 2000 - Caprice is raising eyebrows in a News of The World article. She says during her new TV documentary Being Caprice "Iíve always wanted to be a real tart, to just be able to sleep around and not really care, but I canít." She also takes a stab at her critics and Naomi Campbell complaining "Everyone was comparing me to Naomi Campbell," she says. "I just thought, ĎHow dare you!í How can people be so ignorant and think that just because Iím a model I canít sing and I canít write songs." Caprice painfully admits the price of stardom "Iíve compromised my social life, Iíve compromised my relationships - right now itís just career time. I donít really have a life."

July 1, 2000 - eBay.com is featuring an auctioned picture of Caprice. The huge 20x16 photo (item #369352581 with 10 available) is bid at $22.70 and ends July 7th.