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June 28, 2000 - Carmen Electra was on the Howard Stern Show today. She talked about her movie role in Scary Movie, her lifelong affection to black men. Carmen said she lost her virgiinity to a black guy in high school and dated mostly blacks growing up. Carmen admitted to Howard she hasn't had sex in awhile but she likes to masturbat and she has one of those ''Magic Wand'' vibrators. She talked about Dennis and about how her mom and sister both died the same week around the time they got married.

June 26, 2000 - Carmen Electra is commenting on Dennis Rodman to Centerseat.com, saying "We love each other very much. He really has a good heart and for some reason we just can't stay away from each other. No matter what happens, good or bad, we still have that connection and I think we always will."

June 25, 2000 - While at Intermix, Pagesix.com reports Carmen Electra put on a fashion show for young fans who her handlers tried to kick out. She was being taped for an Access Hollywood spot at the time.

June 24, 2000 - Pagesix.com reports Carmen Electra and Sarah Jessica Parker bought the same leopard-skin dress at Intermix on Madison Ave. on earlier this week, so they better coordinate!

June 24, 2000 - Carmen Electra tells Page Six at the Scary Movie premiere party that she's desparate to find a man "I'm not dating anyone right now and it's so boring. I've been concentrating on myself and on my career, but now I'm ready to have some fun." She also talked about her TV pilot Electra's Guy where she plays a sexy robot, she's hoping it will get picked up in the time slot after VIP [though don't be surprised if Pammy nixes that plan, the two aren't close as her fling with Tommy served as an aphrodesiac for their failed marriage.]

June 22, 2000 - Our poll asking "Should Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman get remarried?" brought results showing 83.37% saying no way, and only 16.63% saying it was a good idea, with 457 votes total cast.

June 3, 2000 - A great picture of Carmen is up for bids on eBay. The autographed 8x10 (item #347989414) is bid at $15 and ends June 11th.

May 21, 2000 - Carmen was dissed on SNL last night by Florence Henderson in a skit Who Wants to be My Skank. Henderson joked she could do stuff with Wesson Oil that would make her skankier than Carmen Electra!

May 20, 2000 - Three great pictures autographed by Carmen are being bid on at eBay. The items (#333063678, #333063156, #333063957) all end May 24th.

May 9, 2000 - Cindy Adams of Pagesix.com reports that Carmen Electra performed a striptease for patrons at Noel Ashman's second birthday party of Veruka. Unfortunately, photos weren't allowed.

May 6, 2000 - A great picture of Carmen is up for bids on eBay. The autographed 8x10 (item #323872986) is bid at $24.99 and ends May 13.

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