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carmen's eyada.com interview
We've gathered up a semi-transcript to Carmen's interview Friday, April 28. Carmen sounds so friendly and admirers on the show seem to agree, having seen her be friendly to fans first hand.

She's had fun in Ireland... and Carmen is 1/2 irish (father's side).

Any time you can make jokes about yourself or life it makes things more fun. Working on comedy is more fun for her. Scary Movie was more fun than it was
work. The movie comes out July 7th.

Rodman.. "yes, he is completely fascinating." Carmen doesn't know what Dennis
is up to currently, though they are still friends and talk on the phone. She says they will always have a really strong connection.

Carmen is single. Wanted to start the year off focusing on her career and herself.

"I'm real down to earth and talk to everybody and don't pretend to be real stuck up." She also tries to make herself approachable.

Carmen still takes dance classes, and she's got a deal with Sony to do 1 hour syndicated show called Electra Guide to be broadcast after VIP.

Carmen: "People want what is real.. work hard and stay focused.."

Her role models? "definately Sophia Lauren, Ann Maragret, so much enery, sexy..
Would love to do a musical on Broadway or movie." She says her parents have pushed for her to sing & dance, always been what she's wanted to do. She adds acting kind of happened, though she started to love it more and more... She was nervous at first, but now acting is getting fun. 

Carmen's mom passing away hardest thing to go through. "Cancer comes out of the blue..I had a real hard time facing it, but I learned from it." She added "some turn to drugs & alchohol, I ended up dating Dennis Rodman." She says he helped her through that hard time. Carmen added she was inspired when Oprah said, "in order to heal you have to feel."

Carmen says she is so thankful to be in this business..

Regarding ex flame Fred Durst, she hasn't talked to Fred much except at a couple of parties.