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July 31, 2000 - Christina Aguilera to MTV Asia, "My look is definitely a bit simpler that I would like it to be, because I get tired of things so quickly. I'd love to be able to dye my hair black one day, or put some crazy hot pink streaks in it or whatever. But the record label wants me to stay very much mainstream." adding "It limits me in the way I want to look or things I may want to say openly. I have a tendency to really speak exactly what's on my mind, and sometimes that can be a disadvantage."

July 29, 2000 - Already chart-topping favorites in their native Canada, MCA band soulDecision is set to decisively take the U.S. as well. They will be an opening act on Christina Aguilera's headlining tour from August 19th to September 11th.

July 29, 2000 - Christina is again trying to distance herself from the 'teen pop' label in an interview with the Kansas City Star, saying "`Genie' was a great introduction, very pop driven," she said, "but it categorized me as a teen pop artist. ... There is some real talent in that field, but lots of it is manufactured. It's frustrating, trying to break out of that. But I'm an artist, and I have to explore my creativity." For the whole story, click here.

July 27, 2000 - Worldpop reports Mandy Moore is in a fighting mood for Prince William, saying "'I'm happy to fight Britney Spears and Christina over him. I don't know where they are but I'm ready. Ready to fight." [well Mandy definitely has the reach advantage!]

July 27, 2000 - We're hearing the new Limp Bizkit will include a track entitled You and Me, which supposedly is a love song directed towards Christina Aguilera.

July 27, 2000 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports Christina was seen last Friday night eating sushi on Sunset in LA, with a woman we assume was her mother. Says Ted of Aguilera "The girl's no bigger than a tiger shrimp these days."

July 26, 2000 - Popcentic reports Christina Aguilera has been attending many *NSYNC concerts, which may give additional crediblity to the report that her and JC Chasez are an item, as we reported earlier.

July 25, 2000 - Worldpop reports that Christina Aguilera has had both of her nipples pierced, in what they call a bid to "to out-sauce Britney Spears who has been flouting a belly button piercing."

July 25, 2000 - Christina Aguilera's What A Girl Wants has been nominated for Best Female Video, Best New Artist In A Video, Viewer's Choice, and Best Choreography In A Video in this year's MTV Video Music Awards, which will be hosted by the Wayans brothers, reports Worldpop.

July 25, 2000 - Katie Ford is launching her Ford Music Company - a marketing, advertising and consulting division of the famous Ford Modeling Agency tomorrow in New York, with a client list already formed including Justin Timerlake of *NSYNC, Mandy Moore, Wyclef Jean and Christina Aguilera.

July 24, 2000 - Sonicnet has been running a commercial where people can enter to win 4 days of dancing lessons from Christina in New York, go to their site for more details.

July 24, 2000 - Star magazine reports that Christina Aguilera is shopping for a new place in the Hollywood Hills after her current condo in West Hollywood has brought her complaints from angry neighbors over loud partying and music.

July 22, 2000 - Christina was nominated for Best Artist Campaign in this years Wammy Awards which will be awarded Thursday evening, September 21, 2000 at the famed Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

July 21, 2000 - Christina's mother, Shelly Kearns, was hit yesterday with a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. Shelly is being sued for $2 million while Aguilera's manager Steven Kurtz is getting hit for $5 million. New York publicity agent Ruth Inniss claims the Kurtzes conspired to steal the talented teen and that Kearns reneged on a 1994 agreement to hire her.

July 20, 2000 - A reader emailed Ted Casablanca asking about Christina Aguilera's thinness, which Ted normally has a problem with. He saiys "Christina should eat a bit more. But you'll have to agree Britney's eating enough for both of them."

July 18, 2000 - Worldpop reports that Christina Aguilera hasn't spoken to any of her support acts on her debut headlining tour since its July 1 kickoff date, which include The Moffatts, soulDecision, McMaster and James. They also report Christina turned down a planned 'meet and greet' with two fans who had won backstage passes, making the two young girls very upset. [this sounds consistent with Jessica Simpson's unnamed prima donna complaints about an unnamed singer!]

July 17, 2000 - Christina Aguilera stopped traffic on Sunset Boulevard in LA to rescue a dog who had broken away from its owner, reports the Enquirer this week.

July 15, 2000 - Christina Aguilera is part of a group of nearly 70 artists who let their names appear in a full-page ad in papers across the country Tuesday. The ad stated "If a song means a lot to you, imagine what it means to us... That's why we believe that when our music is available online our rights should be respected."

July 15, 2000 - Z104 reports a rift between Christina and Britney, where Britney reportedly said "I am much prettier and sexier than Christina." and Aguilera responded by saying "Well at least I can sing."

July 15, 2000 - Shelly Kearns was interviewed by spoil-yourself-rotten.com recently. She talks about Christina of course, as well as her personal dreams, and the gossip and media cynacism she's aquired.

July 15, 2000 - Christina Aguilera is featured in another huge picture on eBay. The photo (item #382899138) is 20x16 and is bid at $17.99. The auction ends July 21st.

July 14, 2000 - The Sun had a story about former MMC cast members and rated them by order of success (in their opinion!), Britney was on top, followed by Christina and Justin.

July 14, 2000 - We earlier reported Christina's meeting with Garth Brooks, well the National Enquirer has more rumors to pass through her site for their usual denial, as they report Christina told Garth "I just LOVE all your songs!"... but when Brooks quized her to name one, she couldn't. Garth told her it's ok, since he couldn't name any of Christina's songs either.

July 11, 2000 - RuPaul at last week's opening of Outfest commenting on Christina by saying "Christina Aguilera should take a good look at Tammy Faye [Bakker] because this is what she's going to look like in 20 years."

July 11, 2000 - Mark of Blink 182 says Christina Aguilera was "a little frosty" while *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys didn't mind their spoofing of their videos. He says of pop music "I think it's really cheesy, contrived and fake."

July 11, 2000 - Jessica Simpson is on the wires making eyebrow raising comments against Christina Aguilera, saying "It's not about the fame for me. For Christina it is. She loves the fame and the screams."

July 10, 2000 - Christina is featured in the National Enquirer about the fact that she believes she has a guardian angel, who was sent to watch over her. She says while playing hide-and-go-seek with her mom, "All of the sudden I looked up and stopped dead in my tracks. There was this guy and he was in an all-white outfit, just kind of glowing. He had a white beard and was looking down at me calmly, very peacefully."

July 10, 2000 - A second Christina story in the Enquirer this week, as they report Steve Allen is 'ga-ga' over her. The 78 year old former Tonight Show host though calls TV, "a moral sewer." He says of Aguilera "The young girl is beautiful" and added "as regards dancing like this, my rating is 100 percent."

July 10, 2000 - Christina Aguilera was discussed on eYada.com with Amy from Teen People. The host, Lori Kramer, again said she doesn't like Christina. Amy said she
thinks Christina is trying to figure out which group she's in because she doesn't want to be considered kiddie pop and she has an awesome voice.

July 10, 2000 - Worldpop reports that Christina wasn't very happy with her Rolling Stone cover, just as her official site's rumor mill has hinted. Aguilera said, "I couldn't believe they chose that shot because it was a shot taken in between shots. I was making a silly face and they just kept it."

July 10, 2000 - Christina performed at the Party in the Park in UK on Sunday. During an interview before the event, Aguilera admitted to having 8 piercings, but wouldn't specify where. She did incite some controversy by wearing a Union Jack during her performance, which normally would only be reserved for British artists.

July 9, 2000 - Christina is getting absolutely slammed on the Groupie Central message boards this weekend. One poster went so far as to say "My friend went to high schol with Christina Aguilera....we are both from Pittsburgh and from what I hear she banged...I mena banged nearly all the guys in North Allegheny high school...and everyone hated her so much that when she went to her prom last year no one talked to her cause she was that much of a skank and a stuck up whench!!" In general, most everyone has spoken negatively, many claiming to have met her.

July 8, 2000 - Christina Aguilera received a nomination for best female pop vocal performance for the Spanish version of her single "Genie In A Bottle" -- "Genie Atrapado" for the inaugural Latin Grammy Awards.

July 8, 2000 - A generally positive review from the Toronto Sun from her performance their Friday. Errol Nazareth reports "during ballads like I Turn To You and Reflection that her voice really shone. It's big, soulful and boasts an impressive range" but later counters "Like Houston and Carey, Aguilera has a penchant for embellishing every note and engaging in vocal histrionics that grate on the nerves."

July 4, 2000 - Sonicnet reviewed Christina's first concert in Milwaukee Saturday by saying "Christina Aguilera commanded the stage at the Marcus Amphitheater Saturday night with the showmanship of a seasoned pro." Christina sang 70 minutes to a crowd dominated by teenage girls.

July 4, 2000 - Christina-A.com has it's rumor section updated. Among the questions were more about Eminem, in fact, the My Reply song wasn't sung by Christina. They confirm her plans to tour in South America and Mexico mid-November. The Rolling Stone quiz saying she smokes is incorrect as well.

July 2, 2000 - A girl emailed popcentric.com with a story saying that JC Chasez and Christina were seen at a furniture store in LA walking hand in hand... think it's true?

July 1, 2000 - Christina Agulera will be one of several performers at Party in the Park in London's Hyde Park. An audience of 100,000 is expected to turn out for the sold-out event.

July 1, 2000 - Christina has several pictures available on eBay this week. A set of 4 performance shots (item #371443688) are bid at $7 and end July 5th, while a huge 20x16 photo (item #369352350) is bid at $22.70 and ends July 7th.

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