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March 30, 2000 - Christina Aguilera's latest single, I Turn To You had its radio release today.

March 29, 2000 - Worldpop.com got Christina to talk about details of her next album, which will be a Christmas album out later this year. The album will feature Climb Every Mountain from The Sound Of Music, which is Christina's all time favorite film. Also included will be O Holy Night and Silent Night. In addition, Aguilera is recording a Spanish version of her current album and is recording a second normal album as well, where she plans on having duets, even with rappers, she says.

March 26, 2000 - There's a great autographed picture of Christina Aguilera up for auction on eBay right now. The 8x10 photo is currently bid at $25.99 and the auction ends on April 3.

March 23, 2000 - Christina Aguilera is telling Entertainment Weekly online that her Grammy "is still being shipped -- probably in the mail," adding jokingly "They totally trick you; you walk off stage and they're like, 'OK, thank you very much!' [and take it away]. I'm like, 'Rip off!'"

March 22, 2000 - Christina tells the National Enquirer that she has a crush on Enrique Iglesias, saying "He is soooo good looking, he's a really excellent artist, too. I'm a great fan." And again she dismissed rumors of a feud between her and Britney Spears by saying "No, of course not. We were really close, really good friends. When the 'Mickey Mouse Club' show ended, in which we starred, we went our separate ways."

March 22, 2000 - Rick Dees reported Monday that the new Christina Aguilera dolls were selling quickly in London.

March 21, 2000 - If you are a big Christina fan, you may want to skip this news item. Today the New York Post's Page Six ran the following blind item: Which teenage pop star isn't as gorgeous as she comes off? Spies say the sultry songbird needs over three hours for hair and make-up to look as hot as she does in photos. The writer of the article, Richard Johnson, has a regular internet radio broadcast every day with Lori Kramer at eYada.com. Anyways, the overwhelming opinion including that of Lori's was that the blind item referred to Christina, where Lori went on to call her skanky looking and that she wore a ton of makeup. While Richard had to remain mum on his blind item, Kramer assured listeners after he left that indeed it was referring to Christina.

March 19, 2000 - The Sunday paper today had an insert which featured Christina Aguilera and the contest where she'll perform at your prom, but also they have a deal to get a glitter and glam CD if you buy two P&G products.

March 14, 2000 - Apparently Blink-182 drummer Travis is exagerrating his relationship with Christina Aguilera. In a recent interview with Powerstudents.com she talks about this and a variety of issues. Since they are a sponsor to this site, I won't spoil you with the details, but be sure to check them out.

March 14, 2000 - Kind of stale news we saw on groupiecentral.com, but it bears repeating. They have a behind the sceens at the Grammys report and say that Britney could barely fight back tears after Christina beat her for Best New Artist and slam Brit by saying "Do you think Pamela Anderson Lee will ever win an Oscar? So get over yourself if you believe you're an important artist. Just shut up, keep flashing your [breasts] and ass while they're still perky, and cry all the way to the bank."

March 13, 2000 - Christina Aguilera's What A Girl Wants is involved in a major controversy as reported today in the New York Post. Ophelie Winter recorded a French version of a song that bears remarkable resemblance to Aguilera's hit in 1998, but the manager to the Winter written song's writer, Steven Rosen, says Winter only translated the English written song into French. In any event, Aguilera wasn't involved with the writing of the tune and was unaware of the earlier French version.

March 11, 2000 - In a stunning upset, Britney Spears lost to Christina Aguilera in MTV's Video Feuds. The crushing first round defeat was 57% for Christina, 43% for Britney. She also beat out Madonna 52% to 48% to reach the semi-finals where she eventually lost to 'N Sync and Blink-182.

March 10, 2000 - Rick Dees reported Thursday that Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit visited Christina four different times while she was filming her latest video. Apparently Carson has some competition! They also reported that her, Carmen Electra, and Dennis Rodman hung out during the Super Bowl.

March 3, 2000 - The Associated Press's John Rogers was able to ask Christina a few questions after her Grammy award winning day and among her comments "my career is my boyfriend" and "I'm seriously still working on a driver's license. I still don't have one."

March 2, 2000 - e! Online's Ted Cassablanca also got to interrogate Carson about Christina and according to him in regards to their romance being true he says "if you consider a laugh and a smirk any kind of response, you're in luck."

March 2, 2000 - Well the National Enquirer is chiming in on the whole Britney Christina love duel for Prince William. Apparently, Brit is the heavy favorite to land the heir to the throne, as Wills has pictures of Britney plastered throughout his room at Eton, the boarding school he attends. Said a royal insider "It's a romance in the making -- there'll be fireworks when these two meet! Wills is a young man now, not a boy, and it's not just Britney's singing that appeals to him. He's developed a very healthy interest in the opposite sex!"

March 1, 2000 - Madonna nails Carson Daly on MTV today and indeed says that Carson and Christina are dating, to which Carson called Madonna a bigmouth. [hmm.. so wonder what other denials from the official Christina site are actually true?]

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