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specialreport: snl scandal
As reported earlier,several news organizations had a story claiming that Christina Aguileralip-synched her material on Saturday Night Live on April 8. We are confidentnow that this is not the case. From what initially seemed multiple independantstories, closer examination reveals the source seems to center around foxnew's Roger Friedman, who seemed to jump to his conclusion based on booing inthe audience (which originally was reported on z100 as crew members). 
These stories that mushroomed essentially copied Friedman's material withoutsaying he was the source... We got sucked in because of this. While itis true that this is highly unusual during a music performance on TV, itcertainly can happen, especially when it is the end of the broadcast andthe guy has nothing to lose (ie. getting kicked out). We also were forwardedan email from Shelly Kearns, Christina's mother, denying the claim, whosays "I believe that this particular rumor was, as is usually the case,started by the media--this time a columnist at one of the network websites.There always seems to be one sour apple in the bunch that wants to inventstories and such, sometimes it seems just to get a kick out of how thefans pick it up and take their false reports as truth."

Thanks for those that emailedin on this issue. As with any of the news items, the majority of thoseof the tabloid nature seem to turn out to be false or at least denied,but it appears the net has the ability to extinguish rumors as fast asthey are created, thus we have a double edged sword.