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freddurst radio interview

Dj: What do you think aboutthis whole Christina/Eminem thing!

Fred: It's so over the topya know because i knew it was just some shit he made up. I don't thinkthere was ever a eminem/christina thing. I mean it was a song and that'sit.

Dj: So none of that christinastuff is true?

Fred: HELL NO!! Christinahas got to be the most beautiful person on earth that actually has herhead straight!! She's a really cool person and i would like to get to knowher a LOT better!! I think she is the only female artist out there whois going to make it!! I really like her she is a great person with a wonderfulattitude towards life and that's what i like most about her!! Then probablyshe's the most beautiful female in the world ( laughs )!! Then he wenton about how if eminem was not joking around in the song with her he would'vetaken eminem out because nobody was going to dis his girl like that!

dj: I just want to ask youone question man are you in love with her?

Fred: Naw man!!

The dj later told the listenersthat fred was blushing!!