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May I have your attentionplease
May I have your attentionplease
Will the real Slim Shadyplease shut up
I repeat..will the realSlim Shady please shut up,
We're gonna have a problemhere

Y'all act like you've neverheard a white person be4
His rhymes *reformed* punk*kid* tryin 2 be hardcore
But marshall mather's *back,worst than be4, makin us snore, whinin in the microphone (baby crying)
Its the return of the..owait..no wait, *you 're a fool*,
You didn't pay money 4 thisCD did you?
And DR. DRE did...everythingyou idiot, without Dre's beats You're as good as dead
The world's had enough ofEminem
Jiggy jiggy
Even his girlfriend's cheatinon him
Look at him, walkin around
Livin off Dre, acting socool
But he's really kinda weakthough
Little twit, blast me onhis new CD
'coz I turned him down 4a date (hehe)
As 4 the question of whocame first,
Was it Carson Daly, or wasit Fred Durst
I'm sorry Slim, but ---this is gonna hurt, they both came close then you ever will, jerk! 
Your song gets on my nerves,your song gets on my nerves
You're kinda lucky 'cozyou got more *fame* then you deserve
That is the message thatI deliver the little kids
You can be famous and neverknow what talent is
Of course they're gonnalike you, of course they do
You're like a cartoon versionof Ricky Schroder on Silver Spoons
You ain't nuthin but a product,package to be bought up
You know a year from now,you wont be thought of
So you're rite about deadanimals & cannibals
And someday you'll stopdatin' dogs, and start dating higher mammals
And there's a million womenjust like me, that talk like me, that all can see that Slim Shady is..just a boy dealing with puberty 
so if you agree.....screamlouder than me

You're Slim Shady, yes you'rethe real shady
You sound like Peter Brady,you get quite irritating
So wont the real Slim Shadyplease shut up, please shut up, please shut up