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November 27, 2000 - Moby is commenting to Spin on several songs, including DMX's Party Up saying, "I feel like a hypocrite because I like this song. He represents all the misogyny and homophobia that make my blood boil, but nonetheless there's something charming about it."

November 25, 2000 - I found a rare autographed CD of DMX today... Unfortunately not up for auction but gives you an idea what his signature looks like.

November 5, 2000 - SOHH.com is asking the question "Is DMX dissing Ja Rule?" in his song Do You from Funkmaster Flex's next album. He's heard uttering the lyrics, "Lil man ain't controlin' sh*t, / talking 'bout holdin' bricks / and ain't hold sh*t / N**** talk real slick, but that about it / Soon as I see him headed my way, cut him off quick / Must you beat me in my head."

November 5, 2000 - At Eminem's slimshadyworld.com, in the news section, a slight shot is taken at rival DMX, saying the rapper lost his "gravely voice" and quotes a friend saying "he sounded like f***in Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons."

October 29, 2000 - Well to the surprise of nobody, DMX's dates on the Anger Management Tour won't include Eminem. He'll be performing with Limp Bizkit, Godsmack and Sinisstar in San Diego (11/26), New Orleans (12/2) and Detroit (12/7).

October 12, 2000 - Thirsty.com reports that in addition to starting his new clothing label, DW, DMX plans on starting his own record label Bloodline Records with plans to sign up not only hip hop and R&B artists, but rock and pop artists as well.

October 11, 2000 - DMX2k.com reports that DMX will be featured in a new video game designed by K-9 Entertainment. The theme will be players fighting cyborg dogs while DMX songs are played in the background.

October 6, 2000 - Many in the message boards are wondering about DMX's wife, Tasherah Simmons, mostly if there's any picture out there of her. Despite an extensive search, she's not out there. If anyone knows a site with her picture, please post the link in the message boards.

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