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March 28, 2002 - Star magazine reports Elijah Wood hunted down a guy who snapped a photo of Elijah Wood and a male pal at a gay West Hollywood bar called 'Here'. A source said, "Elijah ran after the guy. He was screaming. When he finally caught him, Elijah insisted that the picture be destroyed." A witness said, "The fan looked scared. He didn't realize it would be such a big deal to snap Elijah Wood in a gay bar."

March 25, 2002 - WireImage.com has photos of Elijah Wood from the 74th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday. Check them out here.

March 22, 2002 - Mandy Moore answered a fans question about her 'Try Seventeen' co-star Elijah Wood having great things to say about the 'Lord of the Rings' actor. Mandy said, "Elijah rocks! He is such a genuine, professional, and hard-working guy... not to mention very sweet. The film is going very well (we just ended our 2nd shooting day). Can't wait for you guys to see it!"

March 16, 2002 - US Weekly reports Elijah Wood munched on Girl Scout cookies as he made his way into the SAG Awards last Sunday.

March 14, 2002 - Elijah Wood was featured on the latest episode of MTV's reality sitcom 'The Osbournes'. Elijah was a guest in the home but was still asked to clean up dog pee. Read more.

March 11, 2002 - WireImage.com has photos of Elijah Wood from the 8th Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night. Check them out here.

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