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April 28, 2002 - The New York Post reports fans of LOTR are wondering if the R rated DVD version of the film will include Elijah's character Frodo in the nude. A source at New Line told the Post, "Look for a cut with more violence and possibly some sensuality."

April 27, 2002 - The New York Daily News reports Elijah Wood and Franka Potente, who play  lovers in 'Try Seventeen,' have been spotted everywhere in Vancouver lately making out.

April 27, 2002 - Kelly Osbourne (of 'The Osbournes) tells Steppin' Out's Chaunce Hayden about her friendship with Elijah Wood: "Yeah, he's one of my closest friends. He's such a great guy! People always ask why do famous people hang out with famous people? It just so happens you get forced into meeting these people and you can't help but become friends with them."

April 24, 2002 - Elijah Wood is nominated for 'Best Male Performance' (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) in the 2002 MTV Movie Awards, which will air June 6th at 9PM.

April 13, 2002 - Mandy Moore told fans on her official website on Friday that she's heading back home to Florida after completing filming on 'Try Seventeen' with Elijah Wood in Vancouver. Moore told fans, "Elijah, Franka, and I all watched the first 25 minutes of the film the other day (first edit of course lol). Pretty rocking!"

April 12, 2002 - Mandy Moore reponded to rumors that during the first day shooting 'Try Seventeen' with Elijah Wood that she was so nervous, she puked on him in shock. Reports had her running into the bathroom for hours before apologizing to Wood. Mandy said of the report, "Ok now, I do embarrass myself quite a bit, but... come on! LOL. Elijah and I knew each other before we started filming, so I wasn't nervous at all. Plus, our first day of shooting didn't even involve me really. But, if that had happened.... wow. How geeky? Haha, too funny."

April 5, 2002 - Star magazine reports during a LA-Vancouver flight, Elijah was besieged by three young fans. When the flight attendant asked if he wanted to have the kids to return their seats, he said not at all, and spent the rest of the long trip letting the kids take turns sitting next to him, signed autographs, played games, and told jokes.

April 5, 2002 - This week's popbitch.com blind item asks, "Which Lord of The Rings actor wandered around Wellington, NZ, during filming, propositioning girls with the line: 'Suck my co**, I'm going to be famous, and you'll wish you had'"

April 2, 2002 - This week's Billy Masters column talks about Sir Ian's Oscar date -- his boyfriend, Nick whom he met in New Zealand filming LOTR... "who also seemed to have some chemistry with Nick (maybe they met when Elijah was out partying at West Hollywood 's très gay hotspot 'here').  By the way, Elijah's official date was Rings director Peter Jackson."

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