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eminem bodyguard interview
Highlights from Dan and Scott's interview with Byron Williams on eYada.com:

Byron Williams, Eminem's former bodyguard, was on eYada.com with Dan and Scott. He says Eminem's goal is to piss people off. He says Eminem has talent but his business is screwed up. He doesn't like to pay his people but he flies his groupies he barely knows all around the world in first class. Paul Roseberg, Eminem's manager, is an idiot he says, saying he was jealous of their relationship that they had. He took a leave of absence from General Motors to be Eminem's bodyguard, which was a $100k job.

When asked about him getting women for Eminem, he says he was the one to round of the honeys (no sausages, which are men, he says). He says the only time they let a big guy fan in he offered to "Snakebite" Eminem. Eminem asked "what the f*** you talking about?" Apparently, he wanted to give oral sex to Eminem, so Byron threw him out, ever since then they had the no sausages rule. Byron talked about a concert where they ended up kicking Eminem's ass after he went into the crowd to punch a fan he had a problem with.

He almost got in a fight in a Texaco over a chicken wing.

Byron said Eminem had cues for being too drunk, if he did a 1-2 shuffle, it's time to go. If he had the right hook speech, it's time to go. He says Eminem is caught in the hype, where he talking about it becomes reality. He says Kim and Eminem have a love hate relationship, but that they both love their child. He says if one groupie wasn't putting out right, he'd send her home and bring in another. Byron says he never got with the groupies though. He says she screwed around too and that they have an open relationship.

Eminem stopped a show because one of the fans had an ICP shirt on, and then he told the crowd to kick his ass, so they beat him up and tore off his shirt. He says the same guy came to the tour bus and wanted to talk to him, and Eminem wanted to beat him up, but the bodyguard talked him out of it because he's only 16.

His scenario for what will happen to Slim is that he's either going to kill himself, or his wife is going to kill him in one of their crazy fights, or someone's gonna kill him because he keeps flashing unloaded guns at people. He was the one who went with Eminem to get his gun registered, but he thought it was a bad idea because he's too crazy.

Byron says he's got a book coming out in late August, called Shady Business: Life of a Marshall Mathers Bodyguard in an Industry of Paper Gangsters.  When Byron resigned Slim didn't want to pay him which was on December 26th. Slim went and canceled $6,000 worth of checks on December 30th, making Byron have to take back Christmas gifts. He left a nasty message on his answering machine and then he got a restraining order. When Byron went to confront him, he wasn't home but was actually hiding up the street. He says Eminem is a fool. They called Byron a goody two shoes be strictly did his work.

He's never seen Cocaine or heroin. He's seen him use exctasy, Vicodin, mushrooms a whole lot. He says it's no secret and he talks about it on his albums. He says it's hard to see him use drugs since he was a former drug counselor, and he says he never supplied Eminem with drugs but that he has handlers that handle his drug budget. He says alot of musicians have drug budgets. He says the book doesn't exaggerate anything and he says the phone has been ringing off the hook and getting unbelievable press since he announced it yesterday. He's saying he put alot of anger in his book but that Eminem better stay away from him. He says his manager put a new restraining order on him just last week and they are scared of him.

He commented by Christina Aguilera by saying Slim did nothing to her. They were at the MTV music awards and Eminem had a crush on her and he says he never did anything with her sexually. He says his bashing of *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys was a bunch of BS. If he hated them so much, he had plenty of time to fight with them because they stayed in the same hotels in New York. He says Eminem's and Dre's relationship from what he saw was strictly business. He says people that are like him that live eventually because preachers, Minister Marshall Mathers he joked.

His homepage is at bigwillz.iuma.com.