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eminem bodyguard interview #2

Byron Williams was on eYada again. His job bodyguard, babysitter, part time accountant, kinda played the roll as a father. He says Kim openly picked up on guys behind Kim's back at clubs and autograph signings. He says there was a young Swedish woman who had fake ID that Eminem was sleeping with who wasn't out of high school. Some jealous girl called her mother about it and then the mom went ballistic because she was only 15 years old. 
They found out just before getting to the airport or else their mom would've pressed charges for statitory rape (she had planned to leave with Eminem). He does think DMX's Party Up is a slam at Eminem, he doesn't think DMX is too fond of Eminem. DMX didn't even look at Eminem when Eminem presented him with the Source award.

What does Eminem eat? Scrambled cheese egg, fruit, and orange juice for breakfast. Had to stop by Taco Bell or Burger King on the way to the studio for lunch.
Williams says Eminem does his best work in the studio after taking exctasy and Bacardi. Byron says Eminem was threatened by some Death Row people at the Source Awards and he had to try and break it up.

His homepage is at bigwillz.iuma.com.