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eminem bodyguard interview #3

Byron Williams was on eYada again today talking with Rush & Malloy. He said there are 2 rumors about the suicide attempt. One was that she confronted him about Byron's comments in his book, Shady Bizzness.

Eminem had wanted a divorce a long time ago, Byron says he thinks this is the best thing for both of the, for the child. The book is done and will be available on Amazon.com and will cost $15. His website is back up today at bigwillz.iuma.com which he will sell the same book autographed and includes his CD and his song about Eminem. He says this book isn't trying to destroy his career and if anything, will help him sell more records, and Byron says he'd be happy for Eminem if he does sell more records. The book is 176 pages long with photos and documentation like cancelled checks and the restraining orders he received. 

Byron says the only time he'd take a shower was if he made him and the only thing he seemed to read were pop magazines to see if his name is mentioned, so he didn't really believe the Enquirer story but thought it was pretty funny. He says Kim was wise to Eminem and she's smarter than people give her credit. He says he's forgiven Eminem and prays for him, Kim, and Haile. Byron said if he had been there with Slim none of this stuff would have happened. He said Kim wore the pants in the family and she wanted everything her way. He says she's very attractive but when she opens her mouth, she becomes ugly. Byron is going to give some of the proceeds of his book to charity.

His homepage is at bigwillz.iuma.com.