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EmTV highlights
Eminem hosted his own EmTV special, here's a rundown of what happened.

The show started out with Eminem dressing as Carson playing Backstreet Boys but he tore off the costume and said no pop allowed for the rest of the show. He was playing his favorite videos, starting out with Guilty Conscience. After that, he did an MTV news parody dissing boy band N Stink. He played DMX's Party Up and then had a clip of him in MTV Undressed, which it looks like he's timidly going to get oral sex but really she's removing his pants to take off a bandaid. 
Then he played Beastie Boys Fight for Your Right. He brought up a 'lucky fan' that ended up being Carson and during the commercial breaks, the flying person outside of the studios was Eminem giving the finger.

Eminem said that his new album sucks, but if he had to pick a favorite off it it would be Running Man, which is a little old school. He then did a parody of the Tom Green superhero outfit though without the exposed butt. It ended with Eminem saying to himself "I'm so stupid!" Eminem said that he should stick to humping dead mooses. Then he played Dr. Dre, The Next Episode, taking full advantage of the promo opportunity. He followed with Cypress Hill's Rap Superstar and finished with Busta Rhymes Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See. Eminem then was beggin people to buy the new album saying I need money, money, royalty check, etc. They played another news clip with Eminem apologizing for everyone he's offended in his songs but then added, "We just got word hell has frozen over!"

Carson made it up to the studio and Eminem took questions for Carson, they made fun of Oasis' Liam Gallagher. Then Carson talked about how they had to retire Forgot About Dre, and Eminem said that was great because he was sick of the song. When Carson was asked about the craziest thing a girl has down to meet him, he said some chick hung out in the bathroom for 4 hours waiting for Carson to come in at Big Bear... Eminem said "and then they had to kick Christina Aguilera out."

Eminem then played Jay-Z's Big Pimpin and he pretended to be Raymond with that stupid laugh. Eminem called him an idiot. He followed with Limp Bizkit's Break Stuff and then had all the Eminem lookalikes in the studio. He played the video by Method Man and Redman Da Rockwilder. Eminem then had a skit where he met Funkmaster Flex in a Fanatic parody, where Flex told him "the secret is to sell out and be on MTV" After that Eminem freaks out thinking he saw Ricky Martin on the streets below in New York. He followed by playing Pink's There You Go as well as Dr. Dre and Tupac in California Love, where Eminem called Tupac "straight up the greatest rapper of all time."

Em had yet another Tom Green clip where he was trying to make friends with his Pic O Nic basket. He showed a roast beef sandwhich in his mouth and poured syrup and whip cream on himself and finally went crazy with an apple pie. Afterwards he played Dr. Dre and Snoop in Nuthin But a G Thing. His final skit was from Say What Karaoke, which featured him playing Scott from Michigan State acting like a 80's poser pathetically rapping My Name Is, which Mandy Moore gave a 6 for style points. The other guy gave him a 6 also. He wrapped it up playing his own video, The Real Slim Shady.