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Kurt Loder interview highlights
Eminem was interviewed by Kurt Loder and here's what he had to say:
About Christina, Eminem said he's met her before and had respect for her, but after seeing the What A Girl Wants episode where she talked about Em being married and singing about domestic violence, she basically was tearing him up. He said, No! You didn't just say that bitch! Why did she just play my video if she was going to pick it apart? He said if she was gonna say something about him she heard as a rumor, he'd do the same thing talking about Carson and Fred Durst.

He says he's not only anti *NSYNC but that the whole pop world is corny. It's ridiculous, repetitive, and gets on his nerves, to the point where he's tried to separate himself from the TRL pop crowd. The references to 'fag' in his lyrics have gotten gay activists to speak against him, but he says the word 'faggot' isn't necessarily gay, it's just an expression to mean someone is a sissy or coward. He says he really believes in freedom of speech and artistic expression.

He told Kurt that while he was touring, he doesn't think anyone saw him not drunk or on dope. He said drugs kept him going during his non stop touring last year.

When asked about the lawsuit, he said it's still going on, but it pisses him off because he can't talk about it. He wants to make comments but he's paying out his ass for lawyers as it is. At first, he said nobody in his family gave a damn about him, and now they're saying "I knew you would make it!" When he talked about his daughter, he said he didn't want to be like his father was, and he added that she likes Britney and Christina and that she's really smart. He says he has a little circle of family and friends, people he knew before he made it big and know him as the real Eminem.

When he talked about Kim, he said they have a really funny relationship, not a healthy one. He said when they were seeing other people, it upset him so much. She said to Eminem "you're a d***, you're f**kin crazy for real." He says for the most part they're happy.

When asked about Will Smith, he said Will dissed the whole genre of rap and that not everyone is as happy as Will Smith. He felt Smith was taking a stab at me and Dre and anyone who uses profanity. He says he's looking forward to meeting with the people he dissed on the album.

Then he talked about the Jennifer Lopez bit where he says on the new album "I'd still f**k her with no rubber." He says about the rap that he's basically saying Puffy has a beautiful woman and who doesn't want to have sex with her? He says it's just a record, not reality. He told MV that Puffy is cool with the record as is Dre, whom Eminem kills off. Dre says he has to let Em be Em and that if he was told not to say stuff there'd be no NWA. Eminem says people dissect the music too much and to stop analyzing my sh*t too in depth.