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February 27, 2002 - The Enquirer reports Leo and Gisele shocked friends while partying in Las Vegas when they announced to friends in the early morning, "We're getting married!" The two suggested a quickie Vegas wedding and Gisele wanted the ceremony performed by an Elvis impersonator. But shocked friends told them it was a bad idea and reminded them of their rocky relationship, so they dropped the idea.

February 16, 2002 - Star reports Gisele Bundchen regrets ever having her tongue pierced. Gisele said, "It was painful, and every time I ate I had to brush my teeth because food got in there."

February 14, 2002 - Thanks to Adriana who posted a ton of photos of Gisele from Rio's Carnival 2002. Check them out on the forum.

February 13, 2002 - US Weekly reports Leo and Gisele's relationship appeared to be on shaky ground at the opening of Las Vegas nightclub Light. An insider said, "They didn't speak and spent the night standing on opposite sides of the club." Meanwhile, another insider said, "They're still fighting and are on the rocks." Another stood up for the pair's chances saying, "That's their relationship, but they're together."

February 13, 2002 - Hello magazine spoke with Gisele at the New York Fashion Week show for British designer Luella Bartley that she took part in. Gisele said, "I havenít seen the whole collection, but what I have seen is pretty basic but great. The jeans are fantastic, they are so sexy, and I want them all. I love Luella. She is the most adorable woman." Read more.

February 5, 2002 - The Sunday Express reports Gisele Bundchen's 14-year-old Brazilian sister Rafaela is planning to enter modelling as her sister has. Unlike Gisele's other sisters, she's tempted by the fame and Hollywood lifestyle her sister leads. Rafaela admits, "I very much admire the work of my sister, and I am always missing her."

February 2, 2002 - The New York Post reports Gisele Bundchen had her purse nabbed while dancing at the opening of Light in Las Vegas. The guy took off with $1,000 and her photo ID. Gisele ended up flying home in a private jet with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio.

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