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November 28, 2002 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports an A-list crowd will be on hand Friday at the Rolling Stones concert at the Hard Rock Hotel. That includes Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, plus Luke and Owen Wilson, Heath Ledger, and Gisele Bundchen.

November 27, 2002 - "I love animals," says Gisele Bundchen according to The Mirror. "I would never have a mink coat. That was just another job for me and I didn't realise the impact. Now I want to meet the protesters and do whatever I can to save animals."

November 26, 2002 - Us Weekly quotes Gisele on why she said no to thongs for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. "I would wear one for a man, but not for a million people to see." She also revealed, "I haven't weighed myself in three years."

November 22, 2002 - Jet off to Paris where Gisele becomes a rockstar for Numero Uno Magazine. Bethere.tv has since shut down.

November 21, 2002 - MSNBC reports Gisele Bundchen raised some eyebrows yesterday when on a chat show she confessed that her “favorite thing to do in the world” is to pop pimples.

November 20, 2002 - Reuters had a video clip, since removed, of the PETA protestors ambushing Gisele Bundchen at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Awards last week.

November 19, 2002 - Gisele Bundchen will be on Live with Regis and Kelly today. Their other guests are Elisha Cuthbert and Kevin James.

November 19, 2002 - LFI had photos, since removed, of Damon Dash, Busta Rhymes, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen and others enjoying themselves at the party after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Armoury in New York City on Thursday (November 14).

November 18, 2002 - The shot of Gisele getting ambushed by PETA protestors at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the latest Fark photoshop subject. Check out their funny alterations here.

November 16, 2002 - Howard Stern read an article about how some people from PETA crashed the show during Gisele Bundchen's walk on stage on his show Friday. Howard said the women from PETA are just what you'd expect too. He described them as ''fat, ugly, dykey looking chicks.'' He and the other guys spent a short time talking about how wacky all of that is. He also joked that's the only time any of them would ever be on a runway.

November 16, 2002 - Victoria revealed several new secrets last night during her latest fashion show. But animal activists protesting Gisele's new fur deal ambushed the show.

November 16, 2002 - Gisele Bundchen tells Hello Magazine "Of course I was scared," referring to the Victoria's Secret fashion show ambush by the PETA protestors. "But I thought the best thing to do was to just keep on walking." Read more.

November 16, 2002 - Gisele Bundchen walked the runway at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory on Thursday (November 14) in New York City. Check out pictures from WireImagecom.

November 16, 2002 - "I wasn't scared," Gisele Bundchen told The New York Post in an e-mail exchange from London. "I was just a bit confused when these women came onto the runway . . . they certainly weren't part of show."

November 16, 2002 - Billy Bush from Access Hollywood provided pizza for Heidi Klum at the Victoria's Secret fashion show in New York on Thursday. Also eating the pizza was Gisele Bundchen and Tyra Banks. Check out a transcript here.

November 15, 2002 - Activists for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals rushed the stage as Gisele Bundchen strutted down the runway in a beaded bra and panties, thigh-high black stockings and red strappy heels. The four female protesters, carrying signs that read "Gisele: Fur Scum," shouted at the supermodel as she calmly completed her runway turn.

November 14, 2002 - The New York Post reports that after tonight's Victoria's Secret show,  there's an on-site after-party, where Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Karolina Kurkova and Heidi Klum are going to try their hands at DJ'ing.

November 5, 2002 - Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are gearing up to launch a major campaign against Gisele Bundchen after her deal with BlackGlama. "Gisele's a Brazilian bloodsucker - all legs and no heart," PETA spokesman Dan Mathews fumed. "She obviously wants attention, and she's gonna get it, though not the kind she might want."

November 2, 2002 - Ads.com has the Gisele Bundchen featured Victoria's Secret Body By Victoria ads.

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