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May 31, 2003 - An insider close to Leo and Gisele spoke with Us Weekly about their reunion after a year split. "They used to be on and off a lot, but it never seemed like there was one real reason. They would have disagreements and it would be over, and then they would be right back together again." Another source added, "They had completely different temperaments, and they still do. Gisele is feisty and gets her feelings out in arguments, and Leo holds everything in and thinks the argument will just blow over."

May 26, 2003 - Us Weekly reports Leo and Gisele were spotted at the Lakers game on May 15th, then later at the restaurant Koi, where they were "cutesy and mushy and feeding each other sushi," according to a witness. Two days later, the pair were spotted playing volleyball on the beach in Santa Monica.

May 21, 2003 - The Sun has photos of Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen playing volleyball on Santa Monica beach. An onlooker said: "Leo's a good sportsman but Gisele moved around the court a lot faster and seemed able to jump higher. Maybe Leo is just a little out of shape." Check out the pictures here.

May 21, 2003 - Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen were photographed in Los Angeles walking their dogs on Monday (May 19). Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

May 21, 2003 - Peoplenews.com reports Leo and Gisele are so loved-up, Leo felt the urge to take Gisele home to meet his mum, Irmelin, in LA.

May 17, 2003 - Maxim magazine announced their 'Hot 100' for 2003 list, where Gisele Bundchen was listed at #6. Christina Aguilera topped the list. Check out the entire list here.

May 11, 2003 - The New York Post reports Leonardo DiCaprio's grandmother stopped by the Victoria's Secret store at the Grove in L.A. to see DiCaprioís galpal Gisele Bundchen while she promoted the firm's new fragrance, Dream Angels.

May 11, 2003 - Gisele Bundchen's ex-boyfriend Ricardo Mansur has warned Leonardo DiCaprio to handle the supermodel with care. Wealthy businessman Ricardo said: "If a man is to stay with Gisele he has to be very secure and sure of himself because he will read and hear things which can drive one mad." Read more.

May 10, 2003 - Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com was backstage at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday night, where he verified that Gisele Bundchen only had 1/2 a margarita. Read more.

May 10, 2003 - Getty Images has photos of Gisele Bundchen appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday. Check them out here

May 9, 2003 - Gisele Bundchen was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday. Check out a transcript on the forums.

May 7, 2003 - The New York Post reports Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted with buddy Q-Tip at Suede the other night drinking Cristal with a several hot women, even though he was with Gisele Bundchen the other night and next morning.

May 7, 2003 - The New York Daily News reports that on Saturday, Gisele Bundchen and Leo DiCaprio were having brunch at Pastis. "They held hands," a spy tells us. "They looked very close."

May 5, 2003 - The Sun reports Leonardo DiCaprio is back with Gisele Bundchen after meeting up at a party over the weekend. "At around 1am they left together but then got into separate cars, not saying where they were going," an onlooker said. The next morning they were spotted strolling in New York, together with her pet dog.

May 5, 2003 - The Park held court for Harry Josh's annual "Spring Fling" party. Gisele Bundchen danced with such abandon she sent several cocktail glasses crashing to the floor, a scene witnessed by her ex-boyfriend Leo DiCapiro, who was watching from a banquette with his posse.

May 5, 2003 - New York magazine reports Gisele Bunchden was overheard asking a couple of young women for advice during Bloomberg News' pre-dinner cocktail party ahead of the White House Correspondents Dinne. "So where are there cool guys our age?" spies heard her saying. Stumped, the young women pointed her across the room to Jennifer Love Hewitt, but that wouldn't do. "No," Bundchen said. "Not gals. I want guys. Where are the cool guys?" They also caught up with Gisele at the Costume Institute Gala last week,  where she let on that "the Museum of Natural History is my favorite. Iíve been there, like, 30 million times."

May 2, 2003 - Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com says, "After the party, model Gisele Bundchen ó a.k.a. 'The Boobs from Brazil' - exited the party skipping down the museum steps waving her arms, leading some to believe she had had more than her fair share of fun inside the party."

May 2, 2003 - Globe magazine reports Gisele Bundchen cried her eyes out at a press conference in Brazil. The model blamed her busy career, insisting that she needed a six month break, before returning to her $3 million New York City penthouse pad.

May 2, 2003 - Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs and mother Janice, and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham were on hand at the Costume Institute Benefit Dance: 'Party of the Year' on Monday (April 28) at Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Check out pictures from FilmMagic, and Getty Images (page1 / page2), WireImage (page1 / page2).

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