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September 27, 2004 - The Sun reports that Leonardo DiCaprio has been dumped by Gisele Bundchen, who has turned her affection to fellow actor Josh Hartnett. "It's definitely over. Gisele got fed up waiting for Leo to pop the question," a pal revealed. "She loves him but no longer sees him as the man she will marry. The whole experience has been traumatic Gisele has left her three dogs behind in LA because Leo is very close to them. They have a lot to sort out and hopefully they can remain friends. Gisele has become very close to Josh. He's been a great help to her over the last few weeks."

September 27, 2004 - "I can be whatever you want me to be. If you want me to be the sexy girl, I can do that. If you want me to be the weird girl, I can do that. And if you want me to be the classically beautiful girl, I can do that, too." Gisele Bundchen in Esquire.

September 27, 2004 - Gisele Bundchen attended the Celebration of the Season of Spring 2005 of Marc Jacobs in New York.

September 27, 2004 - Gisele Bundchen will be on 'Today' on Friday to discuss her new movie 'Taxi'.

September 20, 2004 - Gisele Bundchen was amongst the stars on hand for Marc Jacobs Spring 2005 Fashion Show at Pier 54 on Monday (September 13) in New York City. Check out pictures from CelebrityPhoto.

September 6, 2004 - When Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen visited native tribes in Brazil's Amazon rainforest locals thought Gisele would have no chance of scoring with jungle fellas. One woman scoffed: "She's so thin she could never get a husband in this village." And she said of Leo: "He's so white he looks like he's ill." Check out a article scan from TheSun.

September 6, 2004 - Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele were charming to the indigenous Indians of Alto Xingu, Brazil during a recent visit there, but the people there weren't too impressed with the looks of either the model or the big-screen star. "If Gisele were an Indian, she would never find a man to marry. She's too skinny," one of the Indians told the web site Glamurama, according to our translator. "And Leo? He would also have troubles finding a girl among the Indians of Alto Xingu. Reason, he's too white. So much that it looks like he's sick."

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