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July 29, 2005 - Gisele Bundchen was photographed getting grabby with ... Pauly Shore on July 20th and 21st. Check out pictures here.

July 29, 2005 - Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen played with their dogs on the beach of Malibu, but the game almost turned bad when Gisele almost broke a window of a house.

July 29, 2005 - The New York Post reports that after slamming Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bundchen in Complex magazine, John Casablancas is now groveling for their forgiveness. The former model maestro sent the mannequins e-mails saying: "Once again, it is so sad to see how 'selectively nasty' the press can be . . . I sincerely think that you are an extremely likable and beautiful person. More than anyone, you can appreciate with how much impunity the press quotes people out of context. Once again, my apologies if you were upset, as that is the last thing I was trying to do."

July 29, 2005 - Us Weekly reports that Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen took her parents to a huge lunch in New York City at Vento on July 7th. "They shared everything," a source said. It was such a good time, "they even asked a staffer to take their picture."

July 29, 2005 - The New York Daily News reports Leonardo DiCaprio was hosting his girlfriend Gisele Bundchen's 25th-birthday party in the VIP room of Marquee the other night with pal Lukas Haas. "Leo was like, totally bored, smoking cigarettes with Lukas while Gisele danced around," said a spy.

July 10, 2005 - Gisele Bundchen shot a commercial for Vivo at the Morumbi shopping center in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 24th. Check out pictures from Abaca.

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