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April 16, 2000 - Heidi was on Access Hollywood schmoozing with Pat O'Brien (ass kisser of the stars he is!). Don't forget Heidi's Victoria's Secret fashion show will be on Yahoo! May 18th at 3pm EST.

April 16, 2000 - In a humorous promotional stunt, Intimant Brands enlisted Heidi Klum to deliver the next available shipment of New Natural Liquid Miracle Bras to the Victoria's Secret Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan on Thursday, April 13th. [do they even make these things in her size?]

February 28, 2000 - Odd Heidi story in today's Page Six, where retiring Elite models chairman John Casablancas refers to Heidi, who left Elite for IMG as a "talentless German sausage." Klum's rep retorts "John has a well-known pattern of making disparaging comments about others when faced with his own problems." Ouch.

February 18, 2000 - Heidi Klum is currently doing a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated with heavyweight boxing great and former champ, Evander Holyfield. Seems the two were pretending to bite each other's ears during the photo session, lampooning the Holyfield chewing that the fighter received from Mike Tyson.

February 11, 2000 - Heidi Klum is making headlines for her upcoming role in her debut film Blow Dry, which chronicals a love triangle between Klum, her husband (her real life husband playing the role), and a hairstylist. Apparently what gives the affair away in the movie is the fact that Heidi comes home with her, umm, 'privates' trimmed and styled, in fact the movie was slapped with an NC-17 rating. We still don't know yet whether full frontal nudity is involved (keep your fingers crossed!). Eyada.com also had Lori Kramer on saying that Klums hubby is "ugly". We haven't seen the guy yet, but it wouldn't surprise us. And to think, she asked him out initially (still can't get over that!).

February 7, 2000 - Supermodel Heidi Klum and football great Joe Montana have signed multi-year commitments as official spokespeople and equity partners in UltimateBid.com, a new online auction-based marketplace for extraordinary sports, entertainment, travel and adventure experiences launching today.

January 28, 2000 - Heidi looked great in her interview with Jay Leno. She was wearing a braless black & white top with some ultra tight jeans and healed shoes. Kind of a fluff interview, she talked about her 1 million frequent flyer miles and invited Jay to be her dresser for her next fashion show, which Jay accepted pending authorization from the old lady =).

January 24, 2000 - Heidi Klum to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno January 28th, so get those recorders set before heading out Friday night!

January 4, 2000 - Heidi Klum wins CNNSI's celebrity fantasy football pick contest. She edged out WCW's Goldberg and CNN's Larry King, and trounced Julie Foudy, from the US World Cup championship team. Heidi's record, 162-86. [editor's note: she looks like that, and is a football whiz? Excuse us while we go lobby congress to adopt human cloning!]