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May 27, 2000 - Heidi Klum was rated #24 in FHM's sexiest women poll, with the top vote getter being Jennifer Lopez. We think 24 is wayyy too low for Heidi!

May 24, 2000 - The Tonight Show sent that woman with the annoying laugh Ramos (she's just like Fran Drescher) to cover the events in Cannes. She interviewed Heidi and had her sign a pair of underwear to give to Jay, which she did later in the show.

May 19, 2000 - Heidi made yet another appearance on Access Hollywood tonight (geesh, is it in her contract or something?) talking about her Victoria's Secret show in Cannes. She said she was "nervous all day and it's over in 2 seconds. I'm like a vegatable now!". In other Heidi news, a charity auction fetched $31k for a massage from Heidi. [now if that was a SE Asia type 'massage', we'd expect the bidding would have hit 7 digits!]

May 13, 2000 - Heidi Klum will be wearing a pink diamond heart necklace from Mondera.com for Cannes that is worth $2 million!

May 13, 2000 - Heidi Klum was on Access Hollywood last night, telling them it had been awhile since she'd ran down the runways. She was sporting a sheer nightee that left little to the imagination.

May 10, 2000 - Heidi Klum has a great perk... Victoria's Secret has chartered a special edition of the Concorde to fly her and the other models to the Cannes Film Festival for their fashion show.

May 6, 2000 - Heidi Klum lovers alert. eBay has an incredibly sexy picture of her and autographed on the block. The 8x10 (item #321015565) is currently bid at $24.99 and ends May 9th.

May 3, 2000 - Heidi Klum was amongst many celebs who attended the Quentin Tarantino Hamlet premiere party, according to the New York Daily News.

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