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August 12, 2002 - WireImage.com has photos of Jaime Pressly at Alyssa Milano and Venice Arts in Neighborhoods present the premiere of "Picturing A New South Africa: An Exploration of Culture and Hope" at the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, California on Saturday. Check them out here.

August 9, 2002 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca spoke with Jaime Pressly on if she's more Paula or Simon of 'American Idol' when it comes to critiquing. With a snarky look in S.C.'s direction, Ms. P. leaned in and said with a husky, defiant whisper, "Paula."

August 7, 2002 - WireImage.com has photos of Jaime Pressly at the XXX premiere in Los Angeles on Monday. Check them out here.

July 21, 2002 - The New York Post reports Carson Daly and Jaime Pressly still seem to be dating. The pair were caught canoodling Thursday night at Big City Brewing Co. on Third Avenue. "They were all over each other," said a spy.

May 23, 2002 - Jaime Pressly was on hand at the Playstation 2 Party at The Standard, in Downtown LA on Tuesday. Simon Rex was there also. Check out photos from WireImage.com here.

May 3, 2002 - When asked to explain why she was on Maxim's Hot 100 list, Jaime Pressly tells E! Online's Ted Casablanca, "I honestly don't know. That's like asking me to rate myself, which I could never do. I'd rate myself the last."

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