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April 30, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez has been nominated for Best Female Performance for her role in The Cell for the MTV 2001 Movie Awards, which will be held in June. Vote for Jen here.

April 30, 2001 - Thanks Rick. Apparently Jennifer Lopez was Andy Hilfiger's second choice to start a junior clothing line as a deal with Britney Spears reportedly fell through.

April 29, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez showed off her new fashion line during a news conference in the Century City area of Los Angeles on Thursday, with Andy Hilfiger alongside.

April 29, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez is featured here in an autographed photo auction on ebay. The photo, item #1427240556, is unbid at $19.99 and the auction ends April 30th.

April 28, 2001 - Foxnews.com's Roger Friedman reports an upcoming episode of Law & Order will be based directly on the story of Puffy's nightclub shootout, featuring a Jennifer Lopez character who is guilty of the shooting. The show will air May 7th. Read more.

April 28, 2001 - Rick Dees talked about Jennifer Lopez's controversial lyrics in the song Play during Dees Sleaze on Wednesday. Hear his comments here.

April 27, 2001 - USA Today reports Jennifer Lopez announced her new clothing label, J. Lo by Jennifer Lopez at a press conference in Los Angeles Thursday. Lopez told Access Hollywood,  that ex-flame Sean Combs "has been an inspiration to me for a lot of things. His clothing line (Sean John) is doing well, but this is something I've always wanted to do." Jennifer also wished Combs the best following his aquittal on weapons charges.

April 27, 2001 - Britain's Maxim readers choice Jennifer Lopez as seventh in a survey of the world's sexiest woman of all time, losing out to former Big Breakfast presenter Kelly Brook and Marilyn Monroe, amongst others. Read more.

April 27, 2001 - More diva stories on J-Lo, this time from the Enquirer from those on the set of Enough, where an insider reveals "On set, strict orders to cast and crew are that 'No. 1' [aka Jennifer Lopez] is never to be looked at or spoken to directly." Read more.

April 26, 2001 - Worldpop reports a recent survey in Family Circle indicated 45% of women were offended by the green Versace dress which J Lo wore to the 1999 Grammy Awards.

April 25, 2001 - You can check out dozens of photos of Jennifer Lopez arriving at the ALMA awards with Cris Judd here, show/backstage photos here, and press room here.

April 24, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports Jennifer Lopez is in consideration for a role in the movie version of the Broadway show Chicago which is in development at Miramax.

April 24, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez received an Alma Award on Sunday for Entertainer of the Year. The awards show will be broadcast at a later date.

April 22, 2001 - Dees Sleaze reports the hottest Hollywood trend is to get butt implants to look like Jennifer Lopez. The procedure runs about $4,500.

April 22, 2001 - A pair of autographed photos featuring Jennifer Lopez are up for auction on ebay. The first is a sexy bedroom shot, item #1425157938, which is unbid at $55 and the auction ends April 26th. The other features Jennifer in a car, item #1424601289, which is bid at $15.50 and the auction ends April 23rd.

April 21, 2001 - The Enquirer reports Jennifer Lopez can't make up her mind as to which charity she will give the infamous Versace green dress she wore to the Grammys in 2000. Dozens are said to be interested.

April 21, 2001 - The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals named Jennifer Lopez to their worst dressed list saying, "If you want people to notice your eyes, J. Lo, you don't need to wear lashes made of fox fur. Just cover up your breasts."

April 21, 2001 - The Star reports Jennifer Lopez is being told by Cris Judd to tone down her image, insisting to her that she is too talented to look like a bimbo, and Lopez's family agrees.

April 19, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez to German women's magazine Journal fuer die Frau, "I am not so easily aroused. For me it takes quite a long time until the first kiss. It doesn't always have to immediately get out of control and into sex."

April 15, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez is featured here in an autographed photo auction on ebay. The 8x10 picture, item #1422778036, is bid at $9.99 and the auction ends today.

April 12, 2001 - Chloe Sevigny had some good things to say about Jennifer Lopez in the New York Post admitting, "I love her in that ghetto sense. I sat across from her at VH1 Fashion Awards... could not take my eyes off her. Love her body."

April 11, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez was spotted and pictured holding hands with boyfriend Cris Judd in Santa Monica on Friday.

April 10, 2001 - An insider on the set of Angel Eyes tells the Sun Jennifer Lopez tracked down her movie love interest, James Caviezel, to co-star in the flick. The insider revealed, "We were all a little jealous of Jim. It's not every day you get to play around with Jennifer Lopez. The two got on so well and Jen knew they would - that's why she insisted on him for this role." Read more and check out pictures of the pair here.

April 10, 2001 - The Hollywood Reporter revealed Jennifer Lopez and Robert De Niro are in talks to remake the 1955 musical Love Me or Leave Me. Read more.

April 8, 2001 - The Sun reports Jennifer Lopez revealed the reason for her split with Puffy saying, "He's very social and enjoys going out to clubs but I'm a homebody."

April 8, 2001 - Before news that Jennifer Lopez had dropped her Frida Kahlo biopic (according to Variety), Salma Hayek chimed in at a Mexico City press conference of the competition, "It doesn't bother me. Work on my film has already started. I'm not afraid of anyone."

April 7, 2001 - The Seattle Times' Jean Godden reports on Jennifer Lopez arriving early to Seattle to film Enough. Read more.

April 7, 2001 - Jay Leno joked about J-Lo and broke news at the same time Friday in his monologue saying, "People love to gossip. Here's -- the stupid internet thing. It seems, during an interview on a website, Jennifer Lopez -- now, I hadn't heard. Had you heard this? Jennifer Lopez implied that she broke up with Puff Daddy, because Puff Daddy may have cheated on her. I don't know when Puff Daddy may have cheated, I just hope it wasn't that night he spent in jail."

April 6, 2001 - Jay Leno again joked about J-Lo's Oscar outfit in his monologue Thursday saying, "Did you check that new box on the form -- the new tax form? That one new box? You know what I'm talking about? It says, 'check here.' Like $1 to go towards buying Jennifer Lopez a bra. Did you check that? I think, I didn't bother with it this year. I guess it kind of helped out. You saw them at the awards."

April 5, 2001 - Getmusic.com is running an online contest where they are giving away an autographed poster and Jennifer's latest album, J-Lo. Find out more here.

April 5, 2001 - Jay Leno joked about the latest Jennifer Lopez news Tuesday night saying, "According to the New York Post, Jennifer Lopez applies makeup to her breasts whenever she wears a see-through top. I guess without the makeup she feels naked."

April 5, 2001 - The Star reports Jennifer Lopez was furious after Oscar organizers asked her to cover up her nipple showing outfit to present the best song award. Friends report Lopez told them too stuff it which led to the broadcast only showing her from the neck up.

April 5, 2001 - Getmusic.com has an animated short feature with Jennifer Lopez where Absolute Zero's Vita and Ozzy interview Jennifer AND J-Lo. Check it out here.

April 4, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports Jennifer Lopez was heard talking about Cris Judd versus her dating Puffy as Lopez admitted that life with Judd is "stable and calm" as opposed to Puffy's "crazy and unpredictable" behavior.

April 4, 2001 - Amy Reiter reports Jamie Lee Curtis commenting on the J.Lo. phenomenon, "I am J-Lee, Jay Leno is J-No and David Copperfield's is D-Cup."

April 4, 2001 - Jennifer Lopez  was at the Ivy Restaurant in Beverly Hills last Friday.

April 4, 2001 - Variety reports Jennifer Lopez has backed out of her Frida Kahlo biopic and instead may take on the role of an FBI agent in Taking Lives. The fact that rival Salma Hayek had a 6 month jump on scheduling her Kahlo role likely played a pivatol role in the decision.

April 2, 2001 - The New York Daily News reports Jennifer Lopez debated on 100 different dresses before selecting the Chanel gown she wore to the Oscars. Lopez also had $10 million worth of yellow diamonds sewn into the material, but decided at the last minute the gray dress and yellow didn't go well together and they were removed.

April 2, 2001 - David Letterman joked after the Oscars last week, "How about Jennifer Lopez's dress? It was flimsier than Puff Daddy's alibi."

April 1, 2001 - The New York Post reports insiders have revealed that Jennifer Lopez routinely applies makeup to her breasts when she wears a sheer top - as she did on Oscar night, and reportedly let Cris Judd, in this case, apply the tint.

April 1, 2001 - An autographed photo by Jennifer Lopez George Clooney is up for bids on ebay. The 8x10 photo, item #1420641797, is unbid at $19.99 and the auction ends tomorrow.

April 1, 2001 - Variety reports on Jennifer Lopez's latest film Enough where she plays as a waitress. Read more.

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